Calling for collaboration 🔊

We already voting Inception on whosfan And BG rising star boty for Ateez calling for all Atiny Stan we will Start doing collaboration from tomorrow. 👩🤝👦

@secrtnumbervote @ATEEZPH_support @ATEEZvotestream @ATEEZcommunity
Urgent📍 For the exchange we need support from Ateez Voting team to focus vote @5ecretNumber on category idol GG debute in brand of the year 2020, thank you so much and good luck for the future ❤️

Regard ~ Sya

👑 Leader Secret Kingdom Union 👑

@5ecretNumber x @ATEEZofficial
📍 We need proof that Atiny start voting for us at Boty or TTA because SN given all effort to vote for Ateez and not only from one side.. if Atiny paying attention to this, please put a screenshot of the voting that you did for SN down below 🙏

- Or u guys can voting #SECRETNUMBER at TTA when the final result come out n start on 12 - 25 August 2020.

📎 And here the link ↓ 
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