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"...born of our innate optimism and by the experience of our triumph over Soviet Communism unfortunately it turned out to be very naive we could not have been more wrong and this miscalculation was the ➡️greatest failure of American foreign policy since the 1930's."
"We did not pay heed to the CCP's ideology instead of listening to what CCP leaders were saying instead of reading. What they wrote in their key documents we closed our eyes and our ears..."

*Not just with China... 🦃MB #Libya #Syria #Qatar
"...these ideas remain as fundamental to the
Chinese Communist Party as the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights do
to us as Americans the Chinese Communist
Party seeks total control ...
it means 😳thought control in classical Chinese
"Ideological Security"

"April 2013 the party issued a policy
on what they called the current state of
ideology it held that there should be
absolutely no opportunity or outlets for
incorrect thinking or viewpoints to
"CCP information is tightly controlled
and expression is constantly surveilled
so that it can be quashed or shaped by
the state...Xi's ambitions for
ideological control are not limited to
his own people..."
Americans targeted individually
"Compared to the GLOBAL Agenda we have with China, human rights have a lower priority"
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