For those wondering: I pre-recorded an acceptance for last night because I do not attend Worldcon anymore. Sometimes that's bc I'm busy, but mostly it's bc I would rather have toenails pulled. Only reason I even made it to 2018 was friends' badgering.
I have attended several Worldcons! And my experiences include watching a panel speculate openly about whether Black ppl are capable of thinking about the future; being mistaken for Octavia Butler years after her death; and running a gauntlet of ppl trying to touch my hair.
It sounds like last night's ceremony was par for the course with other Hugo ceremonies I've endured, full of unnecessary delays and "fun" reminiscing on one clique's highly esoteric experiences decades ago. Minus the sexual harassment and overcranked HVAC I guess? Yay.
I haven't watched the ceremony and don't plan to so won't comment on that. But the result of continuing these Worldcon/ceremonial "traditions" is that it makes all of SFF look *terrible.* We're supposed to be future-oriented. The voters are there! When will con-runners catch up?
Anyway. That's why I did a pre-record. Just as well since I had barely any voice yesterday, and also thought the ceremony was tonight, not last night. (I'd heard something about accommodating folks observing Shabbat? Guess not.)
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