This is the key point that is so crucial. We must do our part in minimizing any confusion in order to keep Trump from winning again! Also, EVERYONE who wants him out must VOTE! VOTE!! VOTE!!!! #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica #VoteBiden2020
Voting Needs To Be The Focus!!!! (Opinion):

As the final U.S. Presidential Election Day (Tuesday, November 3, 2020) heads into the final 40 day stretch, a few things stand out that we need to remember. /1
The Trump Campaign will not stop their lying and unfair distraction tactics. Expect both of these to be further ramped up! /2
While there are plenty of legitimate worries for the future of American democracy, particularly if the Election results are too close to call in key battleground states (Especially Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin!)... /3 much of the success of the Trump Campaign tactics are intended to instill doubt, fear and despair into Democratic voters, and to reinforce indifference amongst the undecided, or persuadables to not bother casting their votes at all. /4
In short, unless you are Pro Trump, Donald J. Trump not only does not want you to vote, but he and his campaign are doing everything possible to prevent you from voting, period. /5
His game is to sow enough doubt to keep individuals who might otherwise lean heavily towards voting for Joe Biden from even bothering to vote. /6
“Why should I even bother voting if the Republican Majority Supreme Court and Red State Electors are just going to side with Trump, anyways?” is precisely the Trump Campaign’s aim! /7
Our only shot at defeating Trump and getting him out of office before he further destroys what is left of American Democracy is a Biden-Harris Landslide. /8
Absolutely every one of you who wants Donald Trump gone needs to cast your vote for Joe Biden on or much preferably before November 3, 2020!! Voting for some other Independent Presidential Candidate only serves Donald Trump’s Reelection chances! /9
VOTE EARLY! VOTE ONCE!! Ideally in person on Paper Ballots, but whatever is doable!! The very existence of American Democracy is at stake!!!! /End
This thread has been posted by a very concerned Canadian Resister, who cares deeply about the welfare of his American Neighbours and is also very concerned about how a Trump Reelection will also spread collateral damage to Canada and around the world!! #StrongerTogether
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