The more I think about it the more paradoxical is the standard opposition of markets and democracy. The only thing that distinguishes democracy from authoritarianism on the one hand and paralysis on the other are respectively political competition and the flexibility to
Trade/compromise. The most impressive democracies like Taiwan’s (eg fork and merge @g0vtw and quadratic voting @audreyt) are those that most thoroughly incorporate these principles, which are fundamentally MARKET principles.
On the other hand markets quickly degenerate into monopoly without a) common ownership that keeps competition for essential assets and b) democratic mechanisms to keep natural monopolies accountable to the stakeholders they hold power over. The most celebrated market
Economies (eg Singapore with its broad public ownership of key assets and heavy government checks on the most powerful corporations) have the strongest elements of these.
Far from being opposing ideas, markets and democracy have always been, since their joint birth in the Greek agoras, inseparable sides of the same coin that fail precisely to the extend they become opposed and delinked.
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