𝒩𝑒𝓌 𝒟𝒶𝓎 📅 02/08/2020 [Long Thread]
D-10 to Léa's Birthday!
📢 We still separate polls into 2 order:
1️⃣ Mandatory Poll
2️⃣ Optional Poll
📢 Please Read The Complete Thread For More Info About Your Daily Task~
💡 ░M░A░N░D░A░T░O░R░Y░ ░P░O░L░L░ (pt.1)
This mean a poll that you "MUST" vote no matter what. Spare time and energy to VOTE these list
1️⃣ Brand Of The Year
2️⃣ Tenasia TOP TEN AWARDS
3️⃣ IdolPick Weekly Voting (Rookie Idol)
💡 ░M░A░N░D░A░T░O░R░Y░ ░P░O░L░L░ (pt.2)
4️⃣ LIVE IN DMZ Concert (Idol Champ)
5️⃣ THEKKING Topic Ranking (Rising star you are looking forward to)
🔗 Link of Mandatory Poll
🗳️ BOTY http://bit.ly/BrandOfTheYear2020
🗳️ TTA http://bit.ly/TenasiaTTA 
🗳️ IdolPick Weekly Voting (Rookie) http://bit.ly/SNIdolPick 
🗳️ LIVE IN DMZ Concert (Idol Champ) http://bit.ly/3jRQWeA 
🗳️ THEKKING Topic Rangking (Inside Apps)
📌 Brand Of The Year 2020
📢 More Info About BOTY can be read here https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1287682020450037760
📢 More Info About Tenasia TOP TEN AWARD can be read here https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1286968144733470720
📌 LIVE IN DMZ Concert
⏱️ Due Date: 26th August
More Info Can be read here https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1288411668377042944
💡 ░O░P░T░I░O░N░A░L░ ░P░O░L░L░ (pt.01)
These poll is important too, but if you dont have enough resources, you can just vote using what you have
1️⃣ IdolPick Weekly Voting (Female Idol)
2️⃣ IdolPick Best Dancer
3️⃣ IdolChamp Best Dancer
💡 ░O░P░T░I░O░N░A░L░ ░P░O░L░L░ (pt.02)
4️⃣ IdolChamp 2020 Global Project
5️⃣ THEKKING KPOP Group Ranking
6️⃣ THEKKING KPOP IDOL (Individual Ranking)
🔗 Link Of Optional Poll~Idol Champ
🗳️ IdolChamp Best Dancer http://bit.ly/DitaBestDancer 
🗳️ IdolChamp 2020 Global Project - Indonesia http://hbit.ly/IdolChampGlobalProject
(please vote using 💙 only on Idol Champ)
📢 THEKKING Additional Information
Please consider this guys, we need more korean fans, they are KPOP Idol after all. I suggest to vote on Topic Rangking (Rising Star) First before another, why?
➧Topic Ranking prize: Its displayed on korea!
➧Group Ranking prize and Idol Ranking: Its displayed on US, good for international (not gonna much help tbh), we already got so many international fans.
⚠️ IDOL PICK: all poll these week will be closed at 23:59 KST 2nd August 2020 (SUNDAY), Next ➧ 1st Week Of August 2020 Weekly Voting should be start at 10PM 3rd August 2020. We almost got our 2nd WIN in Rookie Group Weekly Voting, Hwaiting!!
💡 ░U░P░C░O░M░I░N░G░ ░P░O░L░L░
1️⃣ FanPlus GodOfVocalist Contest (PRE-VOTE)

Please write a reply just like what they told you to.
use this hashtag #GodOfVocalist_DENISE and mention @5ecretNumber
Lets get #DENISE nominated here https://twitter.com/photocard_app/status/1288676158544830466
📢 ░P░R░O░J░E░C░T░ ░A░N░D░ ░E░V░E░N░T░
1️⃣ Album Donation Collaborating With @Ktown4u_com
2️⃣ Global Video Call Event @5ecretNumber x @_mymusictaste
3️⃣ Streaming Party
📢 Update on Album Donation Project
By the time this thread made, we have collected $265.65(+30.45)
More info please check here https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1286224656106577921
For Indonesian Fans, you can donate using this link below.
https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1288839835269046274 https://twitter.com/snfansclub/status/1288723479798247424
📢 More Info about Global Video Call Event can be read here https://twitter.com/_mymusictaste/status/1288338485099802627
░s░t░r░e░a░m░ ░w░h░o░ ░d░i░s░?░
@5ecretNumber #SECRET_NUMBER #시크릿넘버 #WhoDis
📺 Youtube ➧ https://bit.ly/WhoDisYoutube 
📺 NaverTV ➧ https://bit.ly/WhoDisNaverTV 
🔗 All Site ➧ http://bit.ly/streamWhoDis 
Lets Get 25M Views on YouTube 🔥
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