The base of hell. ..dixie mafia organized crime. Corrut lawyers politicians ,white racist forest lake club, Businesses that support them need to know truth,make better choices. Think that they and Netanyahu israel will rule the world ,old south NWO, mens 
2- corrupt in old south mens clubs fascist nazi zionist,dont be deceived by illusions, theyre attacking china because they want to be the ones to steal the money, for thier corrupt investments be the center & world will revolve around them sneaky .
3- its not the town central Sc but connect with atlanta mafia though they use some blacks to work for them, Home | Central South Carolina
4-Part of this post accidently Missing When I copy pasted my post but click link then link to target industies, Then go see lobbiests supporting lindsey graham in open secrets. org . one link on central columbia base of hell facade
5-India Business in SC, central sc ,the investors making profits thru gov business secrets,other crimes.Trump helping,SC lawyers.& AG cover crimes. Sc & india started using trumps deushe bank ,Investigate SC corruption, Fascist zionist network,homeland security the illegal
6-spying of SC gov office and connections,the nuclear crimes lawyers are covering up,mox and the nuclear hits i told you about they hit me my home and worse and yall are going to help me take them down, se who All they positioned ,When
7- trump got in,from ambasadors in sc to sc david beasly over food,theyre tring to control nuclear ,food courts,internet its criminal intent it is treason For confederate rise of south nwo.kissenger bush included, netanyahu,sc gov..its true too
8-i might not word it right,thats the news job and the good AG and FBI,cia and others,investigators,im the victim of years of abuses theyre criminal pigs. And SC is never rising with these criminals and this cancer in this state,the white
9-house and israel,lucifer lovers arent ruling this world the abusive south isnt going to rise. Theyre going to fail. so know what youre doing before you waste your time investing in SC crimes unless you want to go down with them,they hurt
10-theyhurt my children ,me in 96-97 Ongoing abuses,years of hell,assaults,destroyed my life, their mistake,it didn't kill me now im taking their whole crime syndicate down.they tore myhome down hit this home with Weaponized nuclear,silent weapons quiet war ,spying
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