#SidNaazLive Thread:

When #SidharthShukla aka Kullu came live with #ShehnaazGill aka HIS MOTI, oh sorry can't call her MOTI now as she reduced so much of her weight. But she will be HIS GADHI forever & he ready to take slapping for that😭
As he quoted "FIRST LIVE TOGETHER"♥️
So he started him being there alone at first thanking EVERYONE for streaming his new song & for the amazing response he is getting ♥️
And then
Sid: like I said we have got Shehnaaz Gill in the house. What's up?
*While checking her out😌*
Sana: clap kar clap kar.
And he LITERALLY did clapping for her & then her laugh made him laughing as well. They are so natural so real ♥️
The glow on their faces. Sidharth Shukla in white looking handsome & Shehnaaz Gill in that pink dress looking stunning. They look perfect 🔥
And here he said it
Sid:Shehnaaz yeh tu yaha itna dress-up ho kar kyu ayi hai?Do you have an audition?*Kept staring at her*
Sana:No audition. I just want to show that"mai bhi"good looking hu.
Sid: mai bhi good looking?
*Still looking,Sid came live for us or her? (4)
Sana: tere se jada good looking. COMPETITION chal raha hai na?
*Here bitches SHE JUST TAUNTED those who do body shaming, talking about their looks, age etc etc.*😌
Sid: toh mai kaun sa good looking hu?
*Her msg LOUD & CLEAR* 🔥😌
Sid: acha? THANK-YOU♥️
*That heartfelt smile on his face*
*He definitely loves her compliments*
Sana: woh ladkiyon ko puch ke dekh neeche*she meant the comment section* *fangirls BE ALERT, she reads it all sabki lagegi*😭😂
*She literally mentioned us 2-3 times*😂(6)
But Sid being Sid: right? Kaha neeche? Neeche khadi thi?
*Her focus is on camera, HIS focus is on HER*
*Btw Sana was blushing the whole time, the way her cheeks giving competition to her dress, Sid knows that & enjoying it totally by his legpulling you know*😌
The way she ignored his ladkiyan neeche khadi hai comment by laughing it off & i was waiting for Pagal Hai Tu Kuch Bhi Bolta Hai & Her Looks
*Tbh Shuklaji was expecting it too*💅
Sana:Kuch bhi bolta hai
Sana:Live hai na hum.
*Reminder given as he forgot*
Fan: Shehnaaz itni patli?
Sid: arey KASAM SE yaar itni patli ho gyi ki ab isko moti bula nahi sakta mai.
Kya kar kya rahi hai?Bombay mei ghar se dur rah kar aatey daal ka bhav pta chal rha hai?
*That bright smile on their faces,it's like bol du? Tu bta?Ni tu bta?
Sid: khana nahi kha pa rahi hai?
Sana:Han rationing aati hai muje*her first ghar ki duty in BB*
Sid:Rationing aati hai phir bhi khana wana nahi la pa rahi hai tu?
*His big bright smile,she is busy fixing her hair looking at the camera blushing & him staring her*
Sid: khati nahi hai?
*He wants chubby Sana back😭♥️*
Sana: nahi mai diet karti hu.
Sid: diet toh bolne ke liye hota hai na? Kya hua khana nahi jam(acha lag) raha hai? *He is asking like he do the cooking & her opinion matters*😂
Toh bol de yaar mai bhejwa dunga.
And hearing this Sana's focus back on Sid & that laugh & his smile. Bcz they know that we know that they might be you know live together or something? Ummm. I am not saying anything 💅😌
Sana: han?
Sid: han mere waha par bahut mil raha hai😂
Sid: *looking down at his stomach, giving it a tap*bahut mil raha hai ekdum😂
Okay, did he just shaded on him having tummy comment?
BC they READ EVERYTHING single thing. This IV was PYAAR se karo SHADE iv and show them DO WHATEVER YOU WANT, WE ARE TOGETHER IV💅
They were shading haters during the whole iv i SWEAR 😭😂 SIDHARTH SHUKLA is a PRO🔥
Sana: han toh theek hai tu bhejwa diya kar?
Sid: han? Sahi hai.
Sana: paise mat liyo mere se.
Sid: pagal ho gyi hai tere se kya paise lunga *his teasing expressions*😌
Sid moving away from the camera, his teasing tone saying pagal hai kya tere se kyu paise lunga😭
*And people were saying he is using her money, oh wait the shade is coming on this one too*😂🔥
Sana: han pakka? *Her laugh, bc the way they understand eo*🙌
Sana:Chal theek hai.
*Pulled him in the frame, he is trying to maintain the gap.Oh camera concious Shuklaji we have seen BD BTS Saturday no off BB*😌
*Okay so inshort you are telling us she is living with you*💅
Sana serious ho gayi😭😂
Sana: mat bol bakwas kyu kar raha hai?
Sid: kya? *He knows voh bakwas nahi thi*😂
Sana:kuch nahi bachaya maine abhi nayi nayi hu mai bombay mei.
Sid: toh phir kha kyu nahi rahi hai?
*Lol & sana in previous live said voh kahti aur soti h*
Sana: abhi toh blast karna hai 😭😂
*Who can say she is changed around him? She was not being the same? She is the SAME OLD SANA, unfiltered, unbothered about getting judged by him bcz SIDHARTH toh USKA HAI NA*♥️
Sid: toh patli kaise hui?
*So curious hmmmm?*
Sid: workout kar rahi hai?
*Yeah Sid even i am curious about this WORKOUT of her you know 🤧
I mean she posted two stories early morning but then go went gone, kya aap bta sakte ho?*
Sana: nahi..achi diet kha rahi hu.
Sid: achi diet kya hota hai?
Now he got the topic for her blabbering & getting relaxed by shifting comfortably on his own couch, i wonder in BB he used to sit like usi ka ghar ho aur apne hi ghar mei itna concious.. uff 😌
Sana: yaar chorr.
Sid: nahi nahi bta bta logo ko bhi malum lage.
Sana: sabko pta hai.
Sid: nahi sabko nahi pta. Mere ko nahi pta bol * the health-conscious person saying this lol*
*Dude he Loves listening to her, her gibberish talks make him SMILE. He is himself with her. As he said she brings out his best version*
Sana: pehle utho.
Sid: acha uth ke khana hai? *Dude tell me one thing who does this? He hypes her every single tiny miny details😭*
Sana: phir apple vinegar peena hai.
Sid: apple vinegar *he is giving attention to her every point same like in BB*
Sid: apple cider vinegar peene ka kya?
Sana: han jo bhi hai chalo😂🙌 phir chai peekar mai kya karti hu.
Sid: acha kya baat hai *keep looking at her* *sneaky Shuklaji said something & i am unable to hear it & Sana laughed*
Sid: Rita aunty? Mummy bhi aa gyi kya?
Sana: Rita aunty?
Sid: mummy ka naam hai
Sana: kisi ne likha hoga aise.
Sid: acha meko lga mummy hai😂
*Sidharth what's this behaviour? Kitna shareef ho jata hai mummy ko dekhte hi*
Fan asked the same diet question & Sid started bta?
Sana: yellow daal.
Sid: yellow daal?Achaa..*his reaction there please*😭😂
*Sana as Sid in BB: muje daal peeni hai😌*
Sana:Uske sath roti.Bas ek time aur 3 rotiyan ni khani bs 2 sirf with desi ghee,sham ko chai,raat ko mila toh theek ni toh chup karke so jao😭😂
*He was looking at her while listening it all like she is not telling her Diet plan but his & he was thinking aise kaise chalega mera?😭😂*
Sid: yahi kar rahi hai tu? *Sana agreed & their laughter😭 i missed it all*♥️
People were sending request to add them in the live Sid asked about what it is from Sana.
Sid: acha pehle hum dono ki baatein toh ho jaye.
*Is he came live for us or for her? I am asking it again😂*
*He don't want interference please, his privacy FTW*
Sana: tujhko pta hai mai aaj kya karne ayi hu? Sabko hum live chahiye the toh maine bola aaj toh aungi aur dekho isko ana pada *her way of telling he listens to whatever she says*
Aur mai apni trophy lene ayi hu?
Sid: kyu trophy kya karegi lekar?
Sana : kyki ye meri hai na?
Sid: nahi ye teri nahi hai BABYYYYYY 😭
*Itne time baad* itni khushi i SWEAR 😭♥️Sana repeated her faad ke rakh dungi dialogue,saying tu ja bhaad mei.
Sid: abey chal GADHI,same dialogue marti rahti h har time kuch naya toh kar. *Ahem*
And here comes the main reason for the live which i have an idea from the very start😂
Sid:Yar tere #Shehnaazians ko kuch bol na bahut ladte hai ye apne #SidHearts ke sath
Sana:tu #SidHearts ko bol na voh bahut ladte hai mere #Shehnaazians ke sath😭Lol Seriously?(30)
Sana: mere Shehnazians ke sath pange lete hai.
Sid: yaar koi nahi leta tere Shehnazians ke sath pange. Voh bechare chup chap apna kaam karte hai ye unko bolte toh voh bhi phir bolte.
Sana: acha taali ek hath se ni bajati & she asked for his hand to clap*clowns*
Sid: kyu ladate rahte hai ye un logo se?
Chutki toh bajati hai😭😂
*Amma i definitely stan clowns*
*Well thank god shippers ki nahi bajai hai aaj🙌😭*
Sana: aise kyu puch rha inko sath mei puch kyu ladate hai?
Sid: wahi toh puchne bol raha hu.
Sana:yuhi pagal huye h
Sid: acha boss hum dono (pointing towards her & himself) nahi lad rahe toh tum kyu lad rahe ho?
*So solos are you still not gonna listen? They said in IVs & solo lives. Tweeted about it & finally they had to come live for it together*
Fgs now stop ur stupid fighting they are together accept it as a friend/more than that in which u are comfortable with but they are Together &they made it very clear that nothing gonna change as EVERYTHING is still the same like BB. They want to unite their FD😌
Don't ruin things for them, don't embarass them. If you can't respect what they ask for then better leave them alone & move on with someone else who could do things according to your conditions bcz trust me they dgaf regarding ur hate💅
He LITERALLY asked for the problem these two Fandom solos have with eo.
Why they are fighting? Dude he can't clarify things for you again & again. Don't do it stop it for him & her.
He clearly if 2-3 people are saying shit ignore them no need to retaliate.
We have an option to Ignore and move forward. He said this not for a single Fandom but for each & every Fandom. So try follow it.
Sid being all serious & Sana being Sana she slapped him during the live😭😂🙌
*Oh bhaishab koi aur kar ke dikhaye ye*
Sid was shocked bcz yeah obviously off camera toh thappad chappal sab padti hogi but that time they were live, he was shocked amazed idk😂😭 bcz these things only Shehnaaz Gill can do.
*Ye mera hai isko maar sakti hu mai kitna bhi*
The same old SidNaaz ♥️
Sid: abey paseena aa raha hai yaar
Sana: fan on kar. AC nahi hai tumare ghar?
Sid: ye kya chalu hai?
Sana: paseena kyu aa rha hai?
Sid: hum log gareeb log hai humare yaha aise hi hai AC thanda nahi karta.
Sana: koi na paise aa jayenge
Sid: ayenge na?
Next shade coming 😂
Sid: phir theek hai. Waise teri fan ne ek baar bola tha ki Shehnaaz ke pas bahut kaam hai usko Bolo kuch kaam dilane ko..toh dila na yaar kaam wagerah kuch mere ko.
*Sana laughing*
Sid:Phir mai apne ghar par AC lagwu😭
Sana:Kya pta kisi Sidheart ne hi fake page bana kar bola ho?sana likha h toh jaruri ni Shehnaazian hi ho.
*Lol she just ignored u &how?Don't be happy that she took ur side,she actually hinted that her fans can't spread hate.
Sid: par Sidheart aisa kyu karega?
Sana Bhadak gayi😂 Sid acha acha chorro
*She said it again, listen carefully those who had doubt that she is suffering bcz of him*
He went to adjust cooling for her bcz she was feeling hot & when someone asked to live more often he actually asked Sana to teach him how to request & accept it if She is live from her phone & he is from his.
*So can we expect more lives from them?🤧*
The way he tapped on her lower back for her to go & bring her phone & teach him like he gonna do it tomorrow only 😂
Sid: btw congrats tera kurta pajama ka 50M ho gya.
Sana:Mujhe kya lena dena hai company ko fayda hai maine payment lekar kaam kar diya h😂😭😂😭
She never fails to amaze us & HIM😂
Btw TRUE ShehnaazLover spotted, always ready to hype her♥️
*Should i need to talk about the distance between them?*😌
Sana:Tuje kurta pajama acha lga toh pehna kyu ni us din
Sid: mai cast thodi tha aur song mei tumne ni pehna.
Sid: chal kuch toh pakka.
Sana: tu pakka.
Sana: aaj hum 5min mei trend kar rhe the live se pehle itni jaldi koi trend ni karta.
Sid: han voh toh hai, thanks yaar.
Sid: please shaadi kar lo. Theek abi kar rahe.
*Why he choose to read that comment? Why?*😂
Sid: abhi bas nikal hi rahe hai shaadi karne ko, bas karke hi aate hai.
Sana: bhaag ke.
Fan: Sid ko dekh kar Dil ko Karaar aya.
Sid: THANKYOU dimple.
Sana being Sana: Shehnaaz ke sath Sidharth ko dekh kar dil ko Karaar aya.
Sid: how sweet😂♥️
Aisi ladki dialogue happened. Sid be like han bas smjh gye bas kar ja.
*Their IVs together will be interesting to watch*
That Tommy dialogue happened too. Sid remembered although she never said it infront of them inshort they watched the whole BB13 baad mei😌
Sid: my MOTI & GADHI.
Sana: na mai moti hu na mai gadhi hu.
Sid: Gadhi toh tu hai. Teri baaton se.
Sana: thappad sabke samne khayega ya baad mei?
Sid: abhi nahi😂😂
Sana: maine tere ko bola na season humari wajah se chala hai😂
Sid: teri hi wajah se chala hai
Sana: teri wajah se chala hai
Giving credit to eo. Inka apna hi chal rha tha udhar😌
Sid: kurta pajama superb tha. Tha kya abhi tak hai. Chal rha hai bhai♥️
*He is her biggest supporter*
Fan: mujse kar lo shaadi phir Sana.
Sid: theek hai mtlb dono se? Wow.
Sana: nahi kahta usse kar lu shadi.
Sid: acha voh ladka tha? *Wtf😂*
Acha sorry muje lga ladki hai.
Sana: toh kya bolu?
Sid: kar le. Puch le kaha ka hai. Aas pas ka hi hai na.
Sana: kitne din baad inhone hume sath mei dekha?
Sid: kya ye wahi log hai jinhone bhula dunga nahi dekha?
*Promotion kar liya sath mei*
Sana: abey 3 mahine ho gye BD ko
*Bas Sana humara dukh samjhti hai🔪😌*
Fan: mai roz apke cute moments dekhti hu.
Sana: mai bhi dekhti hu kbi kbi. Tu dekhta hai?
Sid: han kbi kbi.
Sana: ye toh pakka apni journey dekhta rahta hoga meko ek baar call krke puchta journey kaise dekhte hai😂
*Sidhaaaarth is so cutee♥️*
Fan: neha sharma ke sath kaam karke Sid apka experience kaisa tha?
Sana giving looks & watching him very carefully 😂😭
Sid: bahut acha tha experience.
Sana: kitna acha tha?
Sid: facing camera & saying bahut acha tha & his SMILE 😂
*That moment was cute*😂
They are ready to do project together again. Anshul better keep his promise or WHATEVER 🔪
Sana: hills ke top par alag sa song shoot karna chahiye 😂
Sid:Shehnaaz tu kya bol rahi hai kisi ko ni smjh aa rha muje bhi ni😭😂
Lastly han okay theek hai Mars par karte
Fan: Sid bhaiya aur meri Sana bhabhi jaldi shaadi kar lo.
Sid: acha theek hai. Isliye toh hum log yahi janne ko live aye the ki kare ki nahi kare. Yaar mtlb shaadi hi karna chahiye bas wahi bacha hai sabki life mei?😂😭
*Shaadi comments hi read kare hai inhone*
Sid clearly said
Ab kuch log hai negative voh negativity karenge. Apne upar hai read karna hai karo nahi toh mat karo.
He is like idgaf karo karo jisko jo karna hai karo.
Lol if comes to shade you all then you will be embarassed so better Stop.
Dil ko Karaar aya mei Sana hoti toh aur acha lagta.
Shaadi karo na karo but lifetime sath raho.
She asked for a high five on both the topics & he gave it to her.He do whatever she ask for.
He adores her. Respects her. Care for her. Better if you all do the same.
Another shade 😭😂
Sid to Sana: maine read kara abhi ki Sid live aa rha hai bcz of his new MV & he wants to use Sana's popularity.
*Dude he reads it all*😭😂
Sid: jisko support karna hai karo jisko nahi karna mat karo. Sab cheeze log motive se nahi karte hai.
He cleared it all bcz some people saying they are just using eo & eo's popularity.
Lol it's only what you guys think not what they are doing. So get over it & stop creating NUISANCE.
Sana: live aaj isliye aye kyki mera mann tha achi ban kar ane ka😂😭
Sid: achi ban kar ane ka matalab?
Sana: mtlb achi nahi lag rahi hu mai?
Sid: nahi achi toh lag rahi hai. Theek hai.
*Shehnaaz ki tareef by Sidharth is also done here*
*Every SidNaaz content is getting a done tick*
August 1, date to remember.
Fan asked for Sid's smoking act.
Before doing it Sana actually said that
SIDHARTH stopped smoking finally. And this is all we want♥️ he actually did that🥺
*SOMEONE definitely bringing out the best version of him*
She acted & he is like now do urs.
Sana: maine kab pi cigarette?
Sid: jab jab tu daru pi kar talli hoti hai tab piti hai.
Sana: kab mila tu mere ko kab ekathe daru pi tune mere sath?
Sid: ekathe toh pi hai.
Sana: kab date bta.
Sana ki legpulling krne ke chakkr mei Shuklaji ka Juloos nikal gya🤧
Sana: tu ye sab promote kar raha hai. Aisa msg dega tu youngsters ko. Family bhi dekh rhi hogi.
Sid: aur tu kya kar rhi hai. Tune start kiya na?
Sana: tere ko BB mei dekha h logo ne.
Sid: mai toh chup ke krta tha tune kiya tha sabke samne.
*Fight continues*
Sana: unko pasand h teri cigarette pina.
Sid: cigarette pina ni mera teri acting pasand hai.
Sana: toh tu control kar actor h tu.
*He is busy teasing her, smiling & enjoying her fighting him and please their hand games 😭♥️*
Sid: Rita aunty kaha hai?
Rita aunty apne ghar par hai ayengi abhi voh.
*So he don't live with his mom, ahan sahi hai😌*
*SNIT yuhi nahi hai iss fandom mei*😂
Sana: ja chai bana ke la mere liye.
Sid: oye BB khtm ho gya, ja na yaha captain mai hu😂
Sid: tu ja bana chai.
*Waah TU JA BANA toh aise bola jaise inka roz ka hai😌😭*
Sana: ghar ayi hu chai nahi pilayega?
Sid:*kaafi dhuvidha mei* *roz toh mai hi banata hu abi live hai ruk ja na moti*
Abhi hi pina hai tuje?
Sana: han toh mai banau?
Fan: asim aur sid bhai.
Sid: asim kaha par hai? *Looks at Sana* tu asim dikhti hai?
Sana: pagal hai tu? Gori lag rhi hu na toh lag rhi hongi inko.
*Hadh clowns hai ye bhaisahab*😂😭
Sid's fav colors: black, white, yellow.
Fans asking for Sid to sing a song
Shehnaaz asking Sid again & again to do it but he didn't 🔪😏
Sid also cleared about HIM being fine & not being stressed or upset. He is all good so his fans should not be worry about HIM.
Sid: sana himanshi ki acting kar lo. He said it & then turn to look downwards & not toward her😂
Then said maine ni bola voh likh rahe.
Sana:Zorawar kaha hai? Chal bta to Sid.
Sid to fans apne paida kiya hai aap btao.
*Lol so vindu was right. He knew about it😂*
Sana: hume BB mei bola tha.
Sid: humne ni tune bola tha jo dil par bajje maine khanjar bola tha.
*Dude he remember everything bas IV time bhul gya tha aur leg pulling thi sab 🤧😏*
Sana: Shehnaaz love Zayn. Love from Punjab ILY.
Sid: Zayn tera ex bf hai?😂😭
Lol here comes the boyfriend ka naam tere purane? This SidNaaz thing is also tick marked by them.
Sana: teri gfs hai ye jo jitne msgs kar rahi hai idhar?
*Shocked* Sid: itni achi kismat kaha meri?
Their constants will be CONSTANT♥️
Sana: Darjiling kaha hai? East kaha hai?
*Her questionnaire with him*
Sid: Acha 7 continents ke naam bta?
*His intentional teasing knowing she gonna make him laugh with the answers*
Tu bta. Tu bta. Tu bta nahi tu bta.
This is what we saw during BB🥺
Telling her to sing her own song & then humming it with her. Tell me have you seen any just FRIEND do it for eo?
The way they hype eo. The way Sid hype her?
Sana singing BD *she promotes it too*
Sid: if you think only you guys are streaming? Toh aisa nahi hai
And he had to play his song but in BG kurta pajama MV started. Then Sana's laugh & scream and Sid's BLUSHING embarassing smile😂
*So you get to know what these two are actually streaming? DKKA, BD, KP and We should also do that yk*😌
Fan: kiss toh karo Shehnaaz ko cheeks par.
Sid laughed
Sana be like toh kar de.
Sid: han bas abhi kar raha hu.
*Obviously private content humko kyu hi milega 🌚*
*Rangu kutta tha but jaisa tha acha tha🤧*
Lol the way Sid repeated Janki Rana didi's name now she will also not able to forget it for SURE 😂
Lmao if he comes to trolling and shading i swear sabki bolti band ho jani hai. Don't tell the king how to do it. He can teach you how to don't 😌
Sana: BB ka dialogue bol.
Sid: prathahkal subah 8bje.
Actually he want to say Prathahkal 4 bje😂😌
They watched the whole BB & USUDS and EVERYTHING 😌😂
And Sid *prathahkal & subah* ek hi cheez hai🌚
Sid: bihar ka capital?
Sana: patna
Sid: kya baat hai scholar
aap bahut sundar lagti hai pls reply.
Sid: itna makeup karke ayengi toh sundar lagengi na.Bandar bhi lagega.
Sana:Makeup ni natural beauty.
Sid: itna natural beauty nikalne ko kitna remover lagta hai pta hai?
*Lol someone is complaining or telling the experience*(79)
Sana to Sid: maine makeup nahi kiya hai. Pink pink jo blusher hota hai na.
Voh blush mera aa raha hai aapko dekh kar.
And jo glow hai voh fans ki Positive vibes se aa rahi.
*Listening to this someone else was blushing as well i guess🤧*
Sid: Sana did you unfollowed GG. Omg sorry. Maine read kar liya😂
Sana:Kyu read kiya tune phir?😂
Sid: kyu kiya tune aisa? *Sidharth is so nalayak and chant i SWEAR😂*
Sana: maine flip maar di bas ho gya khatam.
SidNaaz Natural Chemistry hai.
Sana: BB khatam ho chuka hai so please fan wars band kar do please. Request hai hume ni acha lagta.
Sid: ho gya chal abi bol diya hai.
Sana: aur humare projects sabke sath support karo, Sid stopping her she was giving looks & that cute sa slap on his lap😂♥️
And here I am done writing this SO TIRING THREAD.
This live was awesome and had everything a Shipper heart would enjoy.
They indeed made our day. Made many of us happy. Just Friends for the first time did something like that😂♥️
We got unintentional selfie as well.
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