Twitter has become more and more of a challenge for me.

The vast majority who endeavor to trade fail and fail miserably. So obviously this is very hard. I’ve been lucky enough to find a way to grind out a living, but it is not with out setbacks.... mostly self induced.
However, most of my contemporaries make this look like a big money tree in their back yard every day. The arrogance of the young guns who don’t know what they don’t know mixed with the absurd and pathetic image portrayal of constant massive success by “experienced” traders.....
has made all of this something I struggle to be a part of. As much as I enjoy the platform, I am finding I want to retreat and disassociate from it all. Are there folks who make millions every year? Yes. But they are few and far between and they sure as hell aren’t on Twitter.
This job is hard. It’s really hard. The struggle never ends. There are windows where it’s easy and windows where it’s impossible and many times when you are a hot mess and can’t think right. So anyone who makes u think this is an easy way to make a living is 100% full of shit.
End of rant....
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