Showerthought: A new Hugo award for "ongoing author engagement" would be welcome. Would focus on published authors' patreons, blogs, and podcasts. Remove authors from the fancast/zine categories, and also highlight those folks who are doing really cool ongoing community building.
I would love to be able to nominate Tobias Buckell for his wonderful Patreon. I'd love for the Hugos to do more to highlight the ways that work & the flow of $$ has changed for modern authors.
I'd also love for my fellow podcasters & youtubers not to have to go up against CJA and other well-loved authors. It feels like tilting at windmills, like they're never going to have a chance in the category that is supposedly for them.
This thread brought to you by the rush of excitement I got this morning seeing a new story by Toby in my inbox, and the crushing disappointment I felt last night that the Hugo-winning author won the "fan"caster award for the 2nd year in a row.
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