There has been an intentional, slow, and steady creation of and then weaponization of the identity crisis with which many black people may struggle. I know I had to wrestle though that over the past few years. (1/4)
While that was going on, I was easily guided and blown about by whoever I thought held the key to unlocking my identity. That continued on until I actually deeply rooted myself and my identity in Christ alone. (2/4)
This doesn’t dismiss the fact that I am black, but this freed me from having to seek how I should think and act from those who are more than willing to exploit that, such as Joe Biden with his comments about those who may not vote for him “ain’t black”. (3/4)
I can look to Scripture alone to inform me of how I should think and act.
When we are not deeply rooted in Christ, we are easily manipulated and cast about..tossed to and fro on every wave of the identity storm. (4/4)
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