Further to this, and a tweet from one of the debut authors publishing on 3rd September, what advice would you give to new authors on this list in terms of not panicking and/or what they can do to add to what their publisher is already doing. (cc: @TracyBuchanan) https://twitter.com/thebookseller/status/1288897147375476736
I get a pretty steady flow of traditionally published authors who have all sorts of questions, most often they want to know how they can 'guarantee' that their first book is a success, what they can do in terms of marketing & publicity (& what they can't)
The last time I encouraged trad published authors to spend money on their own marketing I was called a grifter (thanks for that male authors), but I still stand by that. If you want a long writing career there are plenty of things you can do to put yourself in a strong position
Further to this, there isn't one experience trad authors have, especially where marketing & publicity are concerned. You could have a fantastic experience where you are their top priority or you might not. This is something many authors don't anticipate going into it.
I would encourage new authors to try not to panic if your book is coming out on the same day as 230 others, not everything hinges on this book, this is a long road for many. Irresepctive of who publishes you, work hard on your own website, newsletter and social audiences.
And keep your agent close through your first publication. They will guide you a lot and nudge your publishers along.
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