Most MJ fans have read Moonwalk, but somehow, from personal experience, I feel that there are some things that fans often overlook in the book.

These are the things that I personally feel are often overlooked in Moonwalk, the 1988 autobiography of #MichaelJackson {A Thread} ✌️
1. His relationship with his brothers

MJ was, as per his own word, a veteran before a teenager, who spent his childhood in the studio & onstage. He often craved for friendship & "the basic stuff" & never had any real friends growing up.

"My brothers were my friends."
Ppl underestimate how close MJ truly was to his 5 brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon & Randy (mainly Jermaine).

He didn't have friends his age, but these were his family whom he grew up with since his Gary days & worked with for years.

He relied on & loved them a lot 💖
Indeed, after years of rumors, media harassment, health issues & false accusations, it was his entire family who was there beside him day & night & still defend him.

He was at heart, a family man who loved them all but couldn't make time for them often due to his workaholism.
2. He was a man of many ambitions 🌟

In Moonwalk, MJ mentions several of his goals in life: to continue to make great music to entertain people, break records, dedicate all his time someday to making movies...

He was an artist in every sense of the word 🎼 💜

Maybe he had...
...more dreams than he could ultimately accomplish in his life for just one man.

He loved acting as well, but despite wanting to make films later on, he left too soon 💫

What's important to know is that, he lived for and lived to make art, in every form that art can ever take.
3. He was most likely a highly sensitive person.

I can't remember how many times he mentions in the book that he felt emotional or cried, which is totally understandable given the amount of responsibility he took on at an early age & the fact that the public saw him as weird.
But a HSP is more than just tears.

According to those who knew him personally he was an empathetic & kind man who felt things deeply & was highly in touch with not only his own emotions but the emotions of those around him as well 💕

When he appreciated art, he went mad for it.
When he heard bad news about children suffering, he cried as if he were the one facing those problems.

When his pets passed away, he gave them a proper funeral.

When he felt as if something he said or did could hurt someone he made sure it didn't.

He was far deeper & sweeter..
..than his ridiculous media caricature or what many (including fans) tend to assume based on random gossip.

Highly sensitive people are many times, people of the arts, since art represents soul and imagination, both of which were present in this man since the day he was born.
4. He was born to be an entertainer.

Most people know this: his singing & dancing talent was otherworldly.

But it's more than just god-gifted talent.

He starts his autobiography with "I've always wanted to be able to tell stories" & ends with saying that "(he lives) for...
..truth (..) art in its highest form"

How someone begins & ends their autobiography can tell a lot.

Probably the main reason why he wasn't able to have the ideal family life he wanted: his entire life was dedicated to the world, to entertain & help others & make them happy.
5. His childhood shaped him into the adult artist he was.

Despite many people thinking that his solo life started with Off The Wall, the truth is that, his years at Motown as part of the J5 & later The Jacksons made him into the man who was known as the King Of Pop 👑
"We are all products of our childhood." ~ Michael Jackson

His early years in the music industry gave him the experience he needed to be a huge part of show business.

His early years as a singer, dancer & songwriter (at Epic) with his brothers helped him cultivate his talent.
There was solo life before Off The Wall as well and those albums/songs are just as worth listening to.

Without including his early years as a child star, creating a book or documentary on Michael Jackson the artist would definitely be incomplete.
All in all, the #KingOfPop was a very special person and a man of big dreams ❣️, who, even if he couldn't do absolutely everything he may have wanted to, nevertheless left an indelible mark on the world.

His legacy will forever be remembered 💟
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