1. Everything has meaning. EVERYTHING.
#Isaias 👉🏻 Isaiah 👉🏻 Jehovah is salvation, that in us which discerns the reality, the REAL character of spiritual man.
The dominating physical strength has lost its hold on the organism... begins the purification. WOW!🤩
@realDonaldTrump 🙏🏻
2. ... Which is incredible because in the middle of night I did this decode. 👉🏻 See JOSHUA 👉🏻 SALVATION, DELIVERER, VICTORY, We pray! 🙏🏻🤩
ThanQ USMC! 💖
#RachelChandler code #HurricaneIsaias #Isaias
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1289421905556934656?s=21 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1289421905556934656
3. ... And I do believe this is related as well 👉🏻 #watchthewater 💦 The watch ⌚️ is at 9:45. 47th Problem of Euclid. Locusts.
:45 👉🏻 For which we already know 45 is an Anchor. ⚓️ @realDonaldTrump ThanQ! We pray for our warriors every day, all day.
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1289410552024961025?s=21
4. ... and this amazing video recap of President Trump’s coded messages on Florida #STORM #Isaias. It is over 🎯!!!
He truly is incredible! 🤩
#StableGenius Q+
📌 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1289350284095844352?s=21 https://twitter.com/anjilloflight_/status/1289350284095844352
5. More decodes by @LovesTheLight on the “Picture Perfect” USMC decode (my #2 in this thread👆🏻)
/\\, UN, Vatican Snake God, God Ophiuchus, Sagittarius, Peace is the Prize & lots more. Dig in!
👇🏻 https://twitter.com/lovesthelight/status/1289565487269986307?s=21 https://twitter.com/lovesthelight/status/1289565487269986307
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