This calls for a story:
Last year when Ali Zaidi set out to "clean Karachi", he (reportedly) met the COAS at an event. Ali asked COAS for help for his #LetsCleanKarachi who said sure, he will connect Ali to corps commander Karachi and he will help.
So, after a few days Ali met up with Corps commander in Karachi and outlined his plan.

According to Zaidi, he will call for volunteers from colleges and universities and get t shirts made, the only thing he needed from the Army was a lot of manpower and some heavy machinery
And within a month, this unprecedented force of civilians+military will clean up the whole city once and for all.

Now the corps commander was a reasonable guy. He tried to explain that this is not how things work. College and university students will not spontaneously volunteer
To clean up the city. Cleaning up the city and keeping it clean requires a dedicated budget, workforce, tools, equipment, machinery specifically for this purpose and a comprehensive plan for a megacity like Karachi.

Ali explained he had already ordered the shirts.
And that all he needs is a few soldiers and some trucks etc.
So, to humor him he was given a few people and some equipment. Which wasnt enough ofc. Which was never going to be enough because cleaning Karachi is harder than cleaning the Augean stables.
Ali had no plan. Literally no one volunteered. He and his rag tag bunch of merry men went from area to area cleaning specific 5-10 meter spots for photos, spots that would subsequently get as littered as they were within a week.
So this is what happened. This is how the last attempt to clean Karachi failed.

This teaches us a few important lessons. But the most important is:
If you want Army to clean up the city, you have to hand over the city to them. Either that or shape up, theres no other option.
The hundreds of shirts made for volunteers are still in storage and up for grabs.
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