You didn’t ask for an explanation of that. The explanation is that I don’t write my own titles. The west is still generally great. I blocked you for tedious pointmissing. You are not cancelled if people choose not to listen to you. Try being more interesting, honest & relevant.
This deliberate misunderstanding of what critics of cancel culture are criticising is so tedious. Every individual has the right to cancel any other individual from their own lives - eg, end any relationship. Every individual has the right to choose who they talk or listen to.
There's a reason, @drummerpix1, why defenders of freedom of speech believe people shutting down a talk or preventing others from hearing it are being unethical & authoritarian while people who choose not to attend the talk are exercising their individual freedom responsibly.
The consistency of this incomprehension demonstrates how far some elements of the left have strayed from the fundamental liberal principle of 'Let people believe, say, do & live as they see fit provided they do not prevent anyone else from doing the same." Let's go over this.
Perhaps we could have a little test? Ooh, this could be fun! Pay attention, class!
What is the liberal position on freedom of religion?
1) The freedom to make other people comply with your religion?
2) The right to never have your religious beliefs criticised.
2) The freedom to believe & practice your religion while accepting that others don't have to.
Liberal position on freedom of expression?
1)The freedom to make others affirm your views?
2)The freedom to make others hear & engage with your views?
3)The freedom to demand to hear others' views?
4)The freedom to express your views to other people who have chosen to hear them?
Liberal position on sexual freedom?
1) The freedom to have sex with whomever you choose?
2) The freedom to demand others find you sexually attractive?
3) The freedom to have sex with other consenting adult humans?
4) The freedom to control other consenting adults' sex lives?
Which is the liberal position below?
1) All ideas have equal value & criticising them is intolerant.
2) Only liberal ideas should be able to be expressed.
3) All ideas should be able to be expressed but illiberal ones should be criticised & shown to be unethical.
Which of these is ILliberal?

I strongly dislike the views you just expressed so I will:
1) Make an ethical argument against them.
2) Lose respect for you & not want to be friends.
3) Seek to punish, penalise or silence you.
Are you seeing a pattern here, people inclined to be confused by the whole individual-freedom-and-respect-for-viewpoint-diversity-without-respecting-all-viewpoints thing?
OK, now, this is my weekend off work so do I dare to look at my notifications or will this lead to me losing a day I have intended to spend reading psychological thrillers and doing needlework to instead arguing with people who are nitpicking & deliberately missing the point?
OK, I'm going in. I will not be responding to nitpickers & pointmissers. I can do this.
OK, you were actually quite well-behaved today. Well done, class.
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