MMS never claimed he was a politician, he didn't fail as PM, the party which was supposed to explain his good work to the people, failed him.
Same is happening again, people aren't talking & taking swipes on social media instead of picking up the phone.
Perhaps @RahulGandhi ?
The drift needs to be arrested.
The former UPA minister's are right in saying UPA did a lot of good work.
The internal critic's are correct in saying ministers in UPA 2, didn't step up to defend the govt.
However, the current stalemate is hurting the party all over again.
Long & short is, this Old v/s New Guard debate makes the party look like a bunch of immatures.
Two to the brightest Gen Next have deserted & a old fox Gehlot is fighting it out.
& Yet, future is for the younger lot to take over, some middle ground has to be found.
Needless to say, leaders will find greener pastures, if & when they feel they need to move on, it is the volunteers & grass root supporters, who are the only one's really affected, they're frankly a traumatized lot & don't know how to defend the party in the current scenario.
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