I have tried to pen down the thoughts and the image that occur & is portrayed in my mind & soul about Lord " SHRI RAM" in my own words. Hope I have done justice to it (1/n)
As we all know that on the 5th of August the historic day of #BhoomiPoojan of Ram Mandir will finally happen for which we all were eagerly waiting and it will be written in golden words and go down in the History as one of the greatest events ever to happen.
But before that we should understand the true essence & meaning of Lord Ram's life & what be taught to the world. He was referred to as " Maryaada Puroshottam" means he was a live example of a true Man who followed all the ethics & principles of life & was a true gem. (3/n)
He was a true persona of the highest character who was unfazed by the situations which were always odd against him. He faced them boldly and never backed away from his duties. (4/n)
He showed his mettle & courage in every situation where he was humble & kind with his friends, but aggressive & lethal when it came to safeguard the honor & pride of Maa Sita at any cost. (5/n)
He performed his tasks with ease when the situation demand maybe because he was incarnation of Lord Vishnu, but he was born human & endured pain & sufferings just like humans do in their entire lives.(6/n)
He was a epitome of devotion and performed his duties very well with precision.
1.Performed his duty well as a student when he was in Gurukul for education
2.Respected his parents and obeyed them. When Maa Kaikeyi sent him to14 yrs exile, he accepted it without questioning her.
3.Performed the role of a true husband by killing Ravan & safeguarding pride & honor of Maa Sita.
4.Performed the role of a true King, by taking care of his people and establishing "Ram Rajya" .
5.Performed the role of a father & took care of his sons Luv & Kush
In a nutshell he was man with a Golden heart & a true legend . A man of character, ethics, values, morals, discipline all summed up into one person which is a unique trait to possess. (9/n)
So Lord Ram is finally coming back home after many ages. Many souls were born & gone and eagerly waited to witness this day to happen , but alas they are no more. Many of them like " Kothari Brothers" sacrificed their lives for it, so that this day can happen. (10/n)
We should respect their sacrifices and many others, but above all we should respect the teachings & ideologies of Lord Ram that he has preached us all to become a good human being (11/n)
To build "Ram Mandir "was the core motive and that will for sure happen now, but in the due process we should not forget the Values of Lord Ram & the legacy he left behind. Everyone should try to inculcate his teachings in their life. (12/n)
Worship Lord Ram,but most importantly respect his teachings & values. He will then surely bless us all.
My tribute to him
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