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A SidNaaz edition
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1. When trying to subside your blush around her, try :
i. Giving a cheeky smile.
ii. Just go about with whatever she's doing with you.
iii. Stick your tongue out. (This is the most shukla-fically proven method).
iv. Hide your face
a. in the crook of her neck
b. away from the cam.
2. When doing an activity together, keep your eyes on her (because you don't want to miss a single glimpse of your girl, do ya? ;) )
Do whatever she's telling you to do (even if you're an experienced actor, just do it.)
Maintain eye contact.
3. Go meet her when you know she misses you. Support her when she's off to set her empire in the work field. Give her a hug like you might collapse if you don't hold her close to you (even if the people around you're watching cuz kuch toh log dekhenge, logon ka kaam hai dekhna¿)
4. When you know you've pissed her off, try kissing her cheek (100% shukla-fically proven) or if you wanna manao-fy her in bed, say something like "Hug karle" or pull her cheeks. Trust me buddy, she'll forgive you FOR THE NIGHT (kal waapas manana padega).
5. Have imaginary convos about what would happen 10 years later when you both meet. And in case she mentions some traits of you in her future husband and kids while having the discussion with you, she's all yours ;) congratulations!
"Team work bada karte hai mere bacche"
6. While joking around with your friends, hold her close, so subtly that nobody would realise but you would have her close by your side. 💖
7. Close your eyes while hugging her when :
i) she asks you to because "feel ata hai".
ii) you find it hard to control yourself cuz your bbg is driving you crazy. You don't wanna lose your self-control in front of aire gaire nathu khaire, obviously!
8. When meeting her after a long period of separation and you both have missed each other, don't let go off her, hold her physically close to you to fill the void you had been feeling w/o her. She has incredibly missed you and so have you <3
9. When the director asks you to give a forehead kiss, give a shoulder kiss. Also, use Shuklaji ka funda "If you set the bar, I'll raise the bar."
It's a win-win situation when you're shooting a romantic scene ;)
10. Like the VMs made by the ppl who ship you both to let them know that you care, acknowledge them n their efforts & love them too.

For eg, the Majnu VM which @sidharth_shukla had liked.
(He needs to like another one soon 😙)
11. Don't compliment other girls. Let her compliment them instead varna aapka muh toda jaayega. 👊
12. Play along with whatever she's doing with you.
Note: Even if you're liking the things she's doing with/to you, keep an irritated face on. Play safe so that people don't judge your relationship or know that you've already lost your heart to your girl!
13. Give her your shirts to wear, especially the ones in which people have seen you like a 100 times just to let the guys out there know who she belongs to. This would be such a sweet gesture from your side.
You're not supposed to make it so obvious that you're drunk in love. There are chances that people might mistake your hangover for other stupid things/ships (referring to how devo thought that sid was in the kitchen for her *eye roll*).
15. Assure her that you wouldn't do any such thing that would indirectly/directly hurt her and you both end up fighting w/ eo.
"Tu hurt hoti hai isliye me abse tu joh kahegi wahi karunga" (something like that)
16. Although you both are in a fight, keep an eye out for her perhaps through mirrors, tv screen or whatever that helps you see her.
Be like chant Shuklaji.
Ps: Excuse me for the stickers in the second picture. xD
17. Be there for her when she's not herself or is feeling low, she needs you.
"Kya hua teko?"
18. NO! NO! DONT! don't give this facial expression when she is doing something cute and you are not being able to hide the love and adulation you've for her. :")
19. Tell her about the disliking you've towards that guy...
"Tera asim", "tera Vishal", "Asim ko sula".
20. Lastly, although there are manyyyy more, you always need to remember:-
1) Surrender.
2) Aap naukar ho. period
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I hope you liked it.

"Ways to be around him" ft. @ishehnaaz_gill would be posting soon. Stay tuned!💖

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