OK- I don't know how to amplify this thread, but I am going to put it out there. Mail Ballot Voting in Nevada. I use to be the supervisor of Mail Ballot voting for Clark County. There is NO way voter fraud can be committed here. There are several safeguards in place. #VoteByMail
Mail Ballots also provide an extra assurance that you have a receipt, or as some call it, a verifiable paper trail. Although, you should feel confident in your vote either way, as CCED implemented paper verification on all voting machines almost 20 years ago. #Vote2020
Now, as far as Nevada is concerned, we have one of the most advanced voting systems and outreach programs out there. Clark County has always gone beyond just law to promote voting and Civic Engagement. - Even @RalstonReports wasn't a fan back in the day- I remember it well.
Now, don't go after Jon, it was a fairly new way of voter outreach, and it was different. But it worked. We are a city of entertainment, and most don't work 9-5. Early Voting and mail ballot voting ensured (and still do) every registered voter was afforded easy and..
convenient, safe voting for our citizens. The Registrar of Voters, Joseph Gloria, has worked in the Election Department for as long as I can remember, and I promise you, he has integrity. He has put in an enormous amount of time and effort throughout the years.
Any candidate running for office in Nevada who opposes Mail Ballot Voting doesn't actually care about you voting. If they are screaming that Trump trope- that means they are scared of getting the vote out. Remember that. Please. Election staff get flack they don't deserve. #Vote.
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