I think Beyince (and Jay) catch more flack because they both publicly position themselves as being revolutionary/part of the revolution, and co-opt movement language. https://twitter.com/NoSwaggT/status/1289242703322963970
I don't follow Rihanna any more (or less, for that matter) than I do Beyonce, but I haven't noticed her positioning herself as part of black liberation the way Beyoncé does.

If you put yourself in that position, be prepared to be called to answer for your inconsistencies.
Just realized I spelled Beyoncé's name wrong. My bad.
Give us an edit button already, @jack. The world is ending.
It's like. . . for the most part, people just let Oprah cook. She's been a billionaire for much longer than Jay and Bey.

But, for the most part, Oprah's not out here talking like she's freeing the people from bondage. lol And, when she gets close to doing so, she gets the "AHT"
Moral of the story, if Bey and Jay stopped pretending they're freedom fighters, they'd probably get the same treatment as Rih and Oprah.
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