My friends with kids're now beginning to express their fears about schools opening up in just over 4 weeks time. I don't know what to tell them other than I don't see how it can be done. Safely? No way. For the first time in this whole coronavirus era I'm absolutely terrified.
I'm of the mind no generation of parents have been forced to make tougher decisions than you are now currently being asked to make. If you're feeling overwhelmed, understand you're not alone & that's probably the most normal and rational feeling you could possibly have right now
For those of you based in Calgary that are able to contemplate keeping kids home for schooling I've attached a link from the Calgary Board of Education @yyCBEdu outlining a program for that. I hope it's useful to you #yyc
For the rest of you, you're allowed to ask tough questions & voice your every concern to your school board, city councillor, MLA, Premier & Prime Minister. Some of that pressure you're feeling belongs to them. Keep asking til you get answers that satisfy you.
Strong, smart & compassionate leadership's needed now more than ever. Some of our leaders will have to get dragged kicking and screaming to the right place on this but it can be done if enough of you keep asking for it and demanding it.
If you're overwhelmed reach out to your friends & family. And if you just want to talk & don't really have anybody else I'll make myself available to you, for whatever that's worth. My heart goes out to all of you. More than ever we need to be #InThisTogether. For our little ones
Keeping this open to include good, proactive steps Alberta parents/citizens can take to address the real & necessary concerns we feel about kids returning to school in September during a pandemic & absent proper safety protocols/systems. See this THREAD
Some Alberta parents are lobbying the government for a safer school reopening plan. Consider following/joining
Safe September
#yyc #yeg #abpoli #SafeSeptember #yyccc #yegcc
From the same group. Keep calling. Keep sharing. #yyc #yeg #abpoli #SafeSeptember #yyccc #yegcc
Follow/Join the #WallOfAlbertaMomsAndDads. You're not alone. We're #InThisTogether. #ForTheChildren #yyc #yeg #abpoli #SafeSeptember #yyccc #yegcc
Merlin has been peppering the Alberta provincial government with hard questions inre a #SafeSeptember. He's a good follow anyways but if you're looking for inspiration before speaking truth to power, check out his feed #abpoli #yyc #yeg
From this moment on this thread is an odyssey of action I'll be taking between now & September with the @albertamoms. They drink Chardonnay. I'm a whiskey man. Together we're going to save Alberta's children. Want to come? Course you do. #yyc #yeg #abpoli
Just took in the gov presser on school reopening featuring Dr Hinshaw & Education Minister LaGrange (no Shandro to be seen but he wasn't missed by anyone, anywhere nor will he ever be). I'd give a summation but Gil McGowan already said it best
I'll add that any policy that doesn't include kids in grades 3 or younger is taking enormous risks with kids in grades 3 or younger. Not acceptable. In fact, let's all get used to that phrase: #NotAcceptable means get back to the drawing board, toot suite
My sense is our Alberta government knows shrinking class sizes involves more teachers and complex logistical issues, both of which translates into costs they're not prepared to make. Rona is a 'pay me now or pay me much more later' thing. Just ask Israel.
It's not about some arbitrary timeline based on how things used to work. This requires a national level mobilization. I want to start hearing politicians say they are building a system in which NOT ONE KID OR TEACHER will catch The Covid from their school.
This government (& sadly not *just* this government, not by far) are taking the same 'economy-first' approach to schools opening as they did bars & everything else. It's absolutely a gamble which is NOT ACCEPTABLE for our kids & their schools. This part needs to be done PERFECTLY
Some good ideas here

"No classroom shall contain more students than can be safely socially distanced."
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