There is a huge amount of false and misleading information about #HS2 on social media. Below is a myth buster thread which corrects some of the most repeated misconceptions about the project…
Myth 1: ‘HS2 only saves 20 minutes to #Birmingham’. FACT: #HS2 services will call at 25 stations in England and Scotland connecting 30 million people. It also frees up space on the existing network for more frequent stopping local services benefiting those who may never use HS2.
HS2’s budget is spread over 30 years and evens out at less than the annual roads budget. We will support 30,000 jobs at least 2,000 of which will be apprenticeships. The arrival of #HS2 is spearheading economic growth and is expected to create nearly 500,000 jobs around stations.
Phase One alone is a huge upgrade to the network. It frees up space at places like #MiltonKeynes for many more local services, provides 76% more seats out of #Euston, and is 37 minutes quicker than current #London to #Birmingham services.
Phase 2 serves places such as #Manchester and #Leeds – with 50% of #NorthernPowerhouseRail local services using #HS2 track as well. With HS2, the eastern leg area will deliver an additional 150,000 jobs and billions more in productivity. 
Myth 2: ‘HS2 will destroy 700 local wildlife sites’. FACT: The whole #HS2 route partially impacts 204 such sites. Our Green Corridor will leave behind 33 square km of new woodland and wildlife habitats. Find out more:
Between #London and #Crewe, 43 Ancient Woodlands will be affected but thanks to over 30 miles of tunnels and careful route planning, 80% of the total area of those 43 woodlands will be completely untouched.
We have created over 60 wildlife habitats on our route between Hillingdon & North Warwickshire & we’re planting 7million trees & shrubs. Animals such as newts, reptiles, badgers, birds, and bats are benefiting already. We’re licensed by @NaturalEngland for this work where needed.
Through innovations our supply chain is reducing emissions from constructing #HS2. The Phase One carbon footprint, #construction and operation, will be less than one month’s worth of road emissions in the UK. 
Myth 3: ‘HS2 helps airport expansion’. FACT: High speed rail helps reduce domestic flights. In 2030 #HS2 is forecast to be 17 times less carbon intensive than air travel & will help deliver end to end low carbon journeys. Look what HSR has done to domestic air travel in Europe.
Myth 4: ‘HS2 is old technology’. FACT: High speed rail is one of the most carbon efficient mass transport systems available. Long after COVID we'll still need infrastructure to connect the country, provide opportunities for regeneration, jobs and growth in the midlands and north.
In the past 20 years #rail passengers have doubled and the existing railway is full. Economically, regions outside London are expected to be most hit by COVID. #HS2 provides opportunities for regeneration, jobs and growth in the midlands and north during construction & operation.
Next time someone says ‘ #HS2 will only save 20 minutes to Birmingham’ or ‘HS2 is destroying 108 ancient woodlands’, bust the myths and share this thread with them.
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