You know when you can't remember an actor's name? And it's really annoying. You're thinking so hard your brain hurts. Then suddenly, you remember. And you scream, 'MICHAEL DOUGLAS!'' and it's the best feeling ever? Well, you'll LOVE therapy. It's like that but with trauma.
Like, there's a connection somewhere in your brain between what you're feeling now and something you once felt. And therapy is trying to work it out. And then suddenly, it makes sense. And your therapist gets a real smug look on their face but you want full credit yourself.
Say you've always hated fish. And it's ruined your life. You couldn't watch Finding Nemo. You once punched a waiter who gave you the wrong order. Then in therapy you remember that time you accidentally swallowed a gold fish. You had completely forgotten that! MICHAEL DOUGLAS!
And you're like, 'Well, I've completed therapy!' but your therapist is clever. They're like, 'Hang on, now we started working on this fish-event. How did it feel?' and you walk through it till you're no longer scared of fish and you can enjoy Finding Nemo.
And then you're like, 'Well, therapy DEALT WITH' but your therapist is like, 'Hang on, you also don't know how to tie your shoes. Why not?' and you dig and you dig and you did. And then 'MICHAEL DOUGLAS!' - you were taught that people that tie shoes are weak!
You realise you still believe it. You're like, 'But it's okay that I hate it because you ARE weak if you tie your shoes!' and your therapist says, 'But wouldn't it be nice to stop falling over?' and you're like 'Maybe' because your knees have big scars on them.
And your therapist says, 'Why is it weak when it's just a necessary thing you need to do to not fall over? Did your dad ever tie his shoes?' and you're like 'No because my dad was super strong and cool!' and the therapist is like, 'Really? Or did he also fall over a lot?'
MICHAEL DOUGLAS! And then you start learning how to tie your shoes. And suddenly you just walk down the street and you never have to worry about falling over your own shoe laces ever again. You never knew how great walking could be.
Then you go home to your parents' house and your dad sees your shoes and he's like, 'I didn't raise no lace-tier!' and you believe him again over your therapist and you untie them. When you're back in therapy, your therapist is like, 'That's okay. It's not a linear process.'
Anyways, therapy is really fun and great and it should be free and available to everyone and the government is an asshole for not providing it.
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