That’s the one countdown they showed us.

There’s always 2.
At week 10. August 25th. ;).

It’s exactly 70 days til November 3rd...
We matched up with the calendar in the one playbook.
Then we found where the Declas would fit. CoVid before Declas.
Potential Boom Weeks are marked.
Time to see the 10 days of darkness

Remember. Q ends at exactly 3.0.

So October 28, 2020 would be it for us....but we are still needing the posts in November 2019 to complete the stringer code. ‘
Those Glorious Tweets.
Look what lands perfectly in our wheelhouse on Tuesday.

Who’s last.... 😉
What could HOT signify??? 🤔🤔
Looks like a Daily Double with the UN and the WHO as well. Turtles Down
Lex Wexner (Mossad Special) resides in Columbus, Ohio....

Ohio State.... Buckeyes.
Try reading the tweets using these as helpers.
In the first pic.... he slid that right by....
There’s more that will be added in as we go. Just wanted to make sure we had a decent head start.
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