The area to our side of Chaman border is inhibited by Afghan citizens, mostly from Qandahar, Afg. They also have Pakistani CNICs with them. Mehmood Achakzai & his party (PKMAP) made almost 5 Lakh CNICs for these Afg citizens illegally through one of their...
...director in NADRA Balochistan. He was their guy, hence they made illegal CNICs for Afg citizens just to use the same people in elections as their voters. But they failed miserably. The same Afg citizens roam freely in Pakistan because they have our valid CNICs. Them same...
...Afg citizens were mostly from Qandahar Province of Afg and visit there frequently. Remember, Achakzai & his PKMAP has close links with Afg authorities of Qandahar Province.

The Chaman border remained close due to COVID-19 since some time which was recently opened...
...for trade purposes. Now, during Eid days, the Afg citizens living as fake Pakistanis in Balochistan wanted to go to Qandahar to spend Eid, smugglers were also with them as it's easy for them to smuggle things using...
...their dual nationality (ID cards of borth countries); since people other than traders were not allowed, they were stopped. As reaction, they started making trouble for the border management staff & FC troops, did some damage to the government property, burnt infrastructure...
...of the authorities of border management, Afg security forces from other side of the border also got involved and scuffle started between all the parties and all this situation was created. Now Afg security forces also started firing at our side and hence our FC troops...
...responded in the same tune. Now Afg Army Chief has said thay they'll send their Air Force & Special Forces to Chaman border to deal with Pakistan.
Protestors buring infrastructure of the border management staff.
Afg Security Forces arriving at Chaman border.
The same protestors damaging government property at Chaman border.
Afg nationals buring tents of border management stafg on Chaman border.
Protestors destroying government buildings near Chaman border.
Afghanis pelted stones at FC troops of Pakistan Army, after which the scuffle started. In this clip, they can be seen throwing stones at FC troops.
"Maal muft, dil be-rehm".
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