fuck it cat litter thread
clumping clay:
a strong contender. easy to scoop and clean, isn't that smelly tbh, lasts awhile so you don't have to completely replace your litter all the time. can be dusty and non biodegradable but you truly can't have it all </3
shredded paper / paper pellets:
easy and can be made at home... but at what cost? kinda smelly. gross to clean. doesn't clump. but isn't dusty and is biodegradable
pine pellets:
decent odor control but the way the pellets crumble into nasty wet piss sawdust is honestly the bane of my existence
silica gel / crystal:
honestly kinda neat. really easy to clean and can last a long time bc it absorbs urine so u really only have to scoop poop. kinda expensive tho and if you get lazy with it it smells nasty
fuck you
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