Well, more info discovered today about the #WW1 saddle that has been sitting in a corner of our tack room for as long as I can remember... Dad used to collect jumble sale stuff and in 1961/62 was handed a whole bundle of stuff by a lady saying it had belonged to relative... 1/9
He was given the saddle, girth, bridle parts and bits, plus three uniform jackets and documents. The lady told Dad this relative had 'fought the Turks in Palestine'. Perhaps not surprisingly, the items didn't sell so Dad took them home and has kept them ever since... 2/9
Looking through the documents today, I have discovered that it all belonged to Major Horatio Harris of B Battery, Honourable Artillery Company. We even have three of his horse brushes, one of which engraved with his initials. 3/9
Most exciting of all are the uniform jackets & part of a Sam Browne belt. 2 of the jackets have his name in them! Made by Hawkes & Co Ltd, Saville Row. I can see he has two overseas chevrons on this jacket & the buttons on two jackets are from the Honourable Artillery Company 4/9
His other jackets are lighter weight, one perhaps tropical issue? I am not sure what the other one is, no brass buttons, perhaps working kit? His belt is marked where he did it up and his waist was tiny! I struggled to do it up and that was just with a thin t-shirt... 5/9
Major Harris kept many Field Service Regulation books dating 1905 to 1909, many annotated by him including 'Field Artillery Training' 1908 & 'Calvary Training' 1907. Of particular interest is his 'Officer's Record of Services' book showing his promotion to 2nd Lieut... 6/9
on 30 Mar 1909, Lieut. 6 Oct 1911, Captain 4th May 1914 & Major 1st June 1916 and service with the RHA from February 1900. Major Harris was born in 1879 and died in 1970. He served his country during #WW2 too, as an ARP warden in Wanstead and Woodford Green. 7/9
I would love him to know that his belongings will be treasured by us, we will contact the Honourable Artillery Company as his name is listed as having documents belonging to him in their archive... 8/9
A big thanks to my lovely Dad, a great collector of a sorts of things, inc this wonderful collection which would have otherwise been destined for the bin. Any info on the uniforms or his kit would be very welcome! @Taff_Gillingham @HorsebackSapper @LMBD1418 @TommiesGuides END
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