NC scenes won't kill us: a THREAD
A confession: I can actually make a thread compiling SO MANY problematic things on SO MANY popular BLs, and I was so close to doing that earlier this year when TharnType got so much hate.

But I didn't. Why? Because that's what I learned about TharnType: TO NEVER FOCUS ON HATRED.
I learned this from Tharntype too: THAT NO BL SERIES CAN EVER BE PERFECT.

That's reality. Every content, every work of art, is bound to have a FLAW.

TharnType is all about that: how IMPERFECT we all are as humans and how we still PERSIST to love despite all our sad realities.
So instead of creating an uNp0pular oPini0ns thread that edgy people often do to hate on TTTS, I created threads to encourage appreciating its artistry and depth; its writing, direction, the acting brilliance of MewGulf, the excellent dialogues, even its female representation.
I tried so hard. I spent days, nights studying, researching because that's what we do for our passions, right? We want to tell the world how good it is.

How it made us see life DIFFERENTLY. How it comforted us shocked us or charmed us. How it made us a better person. All of it.
It was a 3-layered process: First I had to read/watch a lot of articles/podcasts/videos about screenwriting/filmmaking. Then I had to rewatch like 20 BL series for reference. Finally, I rewatched TTTS entirely like five times to draft my analysis.
It took me nearly a month and a half to finish the analysis of TharnType's dialogues for all 13 episodes.

But someone out there in the world would only take a few seconds to tweet "TharnType is just porn uwu 💅"

Imagine. Imagine how useless and dumb I feel right now.
I mean, I already know I'm useless and dumb, but you get the point.

This isn't about superiority of opinions. This is about the INTENTION and CONSEQUENCES of our choices to carelessly MOCK things that are beyond our understanding.

Uneducated prejudice is not cute, bruh.
But you know what's the most heartbreaking of all?

The months and months of HARDWORK the entire cast and crew of TharnType has labored in, only for their efforts to be dismissed as nothing but porn.

No wonder the industry shapes itself into our CONDESCENDING view of it.
I believe in CRITICISM. I really do. I believe in our FREEDOM to express our opinions.

I respect that not everyone is going to love what I love.

You are allowed to dislike a show. YOUR PREFERENCE IS VALID, I PROMISE.

but to NEVER SHUT UP about your hatred of it, ONE YEAR LATER, even after having watched so many other series?

That means TTTS really succeeded in making you REMEMBER its MESSAGE. Congratulations! 🥰
It puzzles me endlessly how people are so loud about fighting for gay rights to love, but are so quick to be disgusted when gays are portrayed kissing a lot on BL series.

Make it make sense??? You enjoy BL actors acting gay, but don't want them to be acting REALISTICALLY gay???
Listen, I'm all for shattering the fetishist concept of BLs by emphasizing how gay relationships are NOT solely about sex. I SUPPORT IT WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

But I hope we advocate for it in a way that does not make our LGBTQ friends feel that SEX IS BAD or something to be ashamed of.
You heard about the five languages of love, right? One of them is PHYSICAL TOUCH.

BL shows are just like that: there are many sub-genres to cater to different languages of love, and it just happens that TharnType is a series mostly centered on the physical aspects of loving.
If you hate NC scenes so much because you still secretly want your BL boys to be het 😂, or yeah if you just hate NC scenes in general because they're not your thing and you prefer cute fluff, then do that. AVOID THARNTYPE AT ALL COSTS. AVOID ALL SHOWS LIKE THIS. That's okay!
No one is forcing you to watch it, no one is forcing you to give some grand declaration that iT's tHe beSt tHiNg on EaRth oMg!!!! No.

Feel free to filter TharnType out of your life. All NC-heavy BL series too. It's your right. Exercise it.

But please. I invite you to also exercise your privilege to FOCUS on HYPING up your favorite BL shows and investing your energy on what you love instead of wasting all this time throwing shade at a show that is very important to so many people.

So many non consent depicted in BLs as early as 2016 but TharnType fearlessly tackled the gravity of how abuse and rape DAMAGES a person's life, and people still brand it as THE ONLY PROBLEMATIC BL YIKES PMAME GO ROT IN HELL BITCH UWU 💕

P'Mame is, predictably, a very FLAWED WRITER. The woman needs to learn how to get a better grip on sensibility and has a lot of growing up to do, for sure.

Appreciating TharnType is NOT EQUIVALENT to defending her entire writing career and stanning all her yaoi novels.
You're mad because Lhong didn't get the electric chair he deserved?


That's what the show wants you to feel. BE ANGRY ABOUT IT. It wants you to see the unfairness of the world and be DISTURBED by it.
I agree with most people that it's so disappointing how the show seemed to absolve Lhong's actions so easily by not punishing him as he deserved.

Instead the show focused on the victims REGAINING THEIR CONFIDENCE to fight back and that, at least, is notably satisfying.
Never forget: that TharnType is the story of a rape SURVIVOR who learned how to take back his power over his own sexuality and bravely chose to fall in love despite his trauma.

This is not just an enemy to lovers fanfic; it's a story of TRIUMPH over prejudice, hatred and pain.
Most people think TharnType audiences are only excited for NC scenes but the truth is, we are all hoping for SUBSTANCE.

Because the first season has executed the love story in the most tasteful, most compelling and excellent way, it was inevitable that our expectations soared.
I would forever be thankful that Mew and Gulf are gifted with a series that gives them as much opportunities as possible to DEMONSTRATE AND FLAUNT THEIR RANGE AS ACTORS.

NC scenes are just another of the many challenges where they can prove their versatility and professionalism.
If season 2 has a lot of NC scenes, let's not count it against them and diminish the story they are trying to tell.

TharnType has suffered enough and it would be nice to see them being rewarded with so much affection.

Post-Script: Oh my god. I didn't realize I had to explain this.

The NC scenes I am referring to in this thread does not refer to Non Consensual scenes.

NC is a film rating which stands for "No Children", referring to explicit scenes. Or in this case, intense kiss/love scenes.
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