A brief thread on Swastika (स्वास्तिक) — the history and the controversies surrounding around it....

And why it remains to be one of the most sacred symbols of Hinduism despite Christian propaganda!

A casual google search of 'Swastika' just reveals how much this word has been hijacked by the Christian propagandists.

To many western minds the meaning of 'Swastika' is always negative unless accompanied by some proper nouns for clarity like "Hindu Swastika", etc..
In 1998, one DP Kaushal was fired from his company for drawing Swastika in the mirror. He approached the court & U know what the court said?

The court ruled out that Swastika is history's "most hated symbol" and it's public use should be avoided - even if it's sacred for 'some.'
In most recent case, a Dhimmi News Agency Reuters removed U.N. Ambassador Nicki Haley's picture with a Swastika seen behind her at a Hindu temple in Delhi, prolly after some Abrahamics complained they found it "offensive"

‘It was used as a symbol by Nazi Germany’ they tell us!
Considering such propaganda against Swastika, it might seem trivial to follow the herd and believe in the christo-socialist propaganda that Hitler "hijacked the Swastika" looking toward the East to define his superior "Aryan" race.

But this is not true! https://swarajyamag.com/ideas/swastika-is-hindu-and-the-hooked-cross-is-nazi-the-rest-is-conspiracy
Though the term "Aryan" is indeed of Sanskritic origin (derived from Ārya/आर्य)

Yet "Ārya" in Sanskrit, has always been used to refer to a 'noble' person and not to a race or ethnicity...

In Buddhism & Jainism also it's meaning is same (for which they are called 'Arya Dharma')
The word "Aryan" (not Ārya) is used today by racists of Chrixtianity who have nothing to do with the ancient Arya Dharma of Bharat.
Next comes the word "Swastika" which ironically was NEVER USED by Hitler.

Though all English translations of Mein Kampf use the word, the original German uses 'Hakenkreuz' literally meaning 'Hooked Cross' in English

Still Google Translate will show you 'Swastika' instead
Hakenkreuz is a known Christian symbol in old churches, like this church in Austria called Abbey Lambach, where Hitler sang as a boy.

The Kriegsmarine had the Hakenkreuz with religous symbols such as "God is with us" (Gott Mit Uns)

Then of course there's the "Iron Cross"!
Most scholars link Heinrich Schliemann, Émile-Louis Burnouf, Gustaf Kossinna, Maximine Portaz and others with Hitler but it's doubtful if Hitler was even aware of their existence

Forget being 'inspired' by Hinduism, he HATED HINDUS and advised Churchill to shᴏᴏt every Hindu!
In fact Hitler was a devout Christian. Most of the members of the "Nazi Socialist Party" too were devout Christians who used the Holy Bible to justify their deeds.

The hooked cross (hakenkreuz) too was seen as a Christian symbol in Nazi Germany.

The Sigil of Baphomet famously declared — "Swastika is as much related to Hakenkreuz as the Star of David is to the symbol of Satan"

Despite this we see modern-day Zionists mistaking the two and calling the Hakenkreuz as Swastika thereby showing their open hate for Hindus
To support them some liberandus have also entered the stage to teach us the difference between "Hindu Swastika" and "Nazi Swastika"

Their claims being that "Hindu Swastika" is never tilted, never in reverse direction, never unadorned, never without four dots, never as ornaments.
Before we shoot all these propaganda one by one, let us first see the etymology of Swastika

स्वास्तिक comes from the root noun स्वस्ति which is further composed of —

• सु (su) – good, well, auspicious, etc
• अस्ति (asti) – to be, being, etc

Hence, Swastika means "well-being"
Now let us shoot propagandas, first being that "Hindu Swastika" is never in reverse.

The propagandist here seems unaware of the fact that Swastika is also an amalgamation of two AUM (ओ३म्) signs written in Brahmi lipi so that from any of the four side it always appears as "AUM"
Next is the very famous propaganda that the "Hindu Swastika" is never without four doubts.

So famous that even jihadists like @_sabanaqvi & @zoo_bear know about it (more than us)

The truth is that four dots in Swastika are completely unnecessary and most rituals go without it!
In fact most "Hindu Swastikas" you would find out there are indeed without four dots.

So the propaganda that Swastika without four doubts isn't sacred for Hindus is just like it's propagandist "poohed out"!
Following it comes the propaganda that the "Hindu Swastika" is never tilted.

If that be the case than what is this?

P.S. The last pic is of a famous Buddhist temple in Japan — which destroys the vicious propaganda that Swastika if tilted isn't sacred for Hindus/Buddhists
Next is the propaganda that "Hindu Swastika" is never worn as an ornament

Here I present a Prakrita locket used by the Anand Margis which has a Swastika in it

Swastika "not worn as ornament", right?
As one can clearly see, there is "immense" propaganda against our Swastika

In the West, Hindus can't even use it openly because of Zionist Jews (same Jews whom we gave refugee when whole world was persecuting them)

It is our duty to vindicate the Swastika of all such propaganda
Our first objective should be to prove that Hakenkreuz≠Swastika.

For which I request everyone to http://translate.google.com , type 'hakenkreuz' and after getting results "suggest an edit" and enter "Hooked Cross"!

So if anyone later searches 'hakenkreuz' he gets 'hooked cross'
And NOT Swastika — OUR SACRED SWASTIKA, a symbol of peace and prosperity, of good-luck and of well-being which has NOTHING to do with the Christo-Socialist "Hooked Cross" representing holocaust of Jews

With this message, I end the thread 📄🖋️

Many thanks for Reading,
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