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Three weeks into working as Fat Gum's sidekick turned out to be utterly exhausting. In a good kind of way. Eijirou made it home each evening feeling satisfyingly drained. Being a hero was hard work, but Eijirou loved his job.
He really loved coming home to Katsuki's cooking. Their schedules were offset just enough that Katsuki left an hour before Eijirou did, and got home an hour before as well. Therefore, unless an emergency popped up Eijirou would end up +
tasting Katsuki's cooking in the air before he even opened the front door!

It was so domestic it made Eijirou's heart twinge.

He never wanted to give up those sweet moments that were bound to belong to someone else eventually.
Moments of seeing his boots set neatly in the genkan next to Katsuki's black and orange combat boots like a married couple. Of being allowed to sneak up behind Katsuki when he gets home early enough, and rest his chin on his friend's shoulder as he finishes cooking their meal.
Moments of cuddling on the couch as they wind down for the day, and snuggling up in bed as they slept. Of sleepy morning kisses Katsuki peppers over Eijirou jaw before getting up for the day. Kisses Eijirou was terrified of losing if he mentioned them knowing Katsuki wasn't +
fully awake when he gave them unintentionally.

Eijirou was so caught in his thoughts as he walked to the train station that he almost missed his name being called.

"Kiri! Kirishima!! Kirishima Eijirou!!! RED RIOT!!!!"
Eijirou's head snapped up as he looked around for the familiar feminine voice. He found the source quickly, a blur of pink, toxic purple/green print, and fluff swiftly approaching while waving erratically.
"Ashi-- Ah!" Eijirou cut himself off seeing Ashido was definitely in her hero costume. "Pinky! Why're you here? This isn't your prefecture!"
"Nope~" Ashido said through bubbling giggles. "They're short on patrols in the area, my agency has a lot of sidekicks so I was sent over to help!"

"Oh! You didn't tell me you'd be in the area though? I feel betrayed." Eijirou stuck out his bottom lip playfully.
All the pink hero did was laugh at his antics. "Today was the first day Kirishima. I didn't want to bug you or Blasty while at work! It was kinda a last minute thing. I was going to text you tonight but I ran into you first. Where are you headed?"
"Just home. I'm finished for the day."

"Ah, in that case, good work! Do you wanna grab a drink with me? I think I just passed a cute little outdoor cafe!"

"Totally!" Eijirou replied cheerily. "It feels like its been forever!"
Sure enough, after back tracking a few blocks Ashido found her cafe. They walked inside to order their drinks and soon were sat outside. Eijirou with his fancy melon soda and Ashido with her pink bubble tea.
"So~" Ashido cooed with a teasing lit to her voice. "How are things going with you and Blasty? I want all the deets!"

Eijirou felt his face twist in an unnatural smile. "Things are going fine?"
Ashido's brow pulled together almost immediately. "That's not a face of someone whose relationship is 'fine'. C'mon Kirishima, I know you better than that. What'd Bakugou do this time? Do I need to kick his ass for you?"
Eijirou made a noise that was supposed to be a laugh but sounded more like a swallowed whine. His eyes focused on his green soda, watching as the carbonation stuck to the sides of the clear plastic before bubbling to the surface and fizzing out.
"I don't know what you want me to say Ashido. Everything is perfect. We don't have any boxes left, I get cooked meals for dinner and packed lunches! Katsuki's even been pretty calm even compared to our last year at UA."
Ashido reached across the table to grab the back of Eijirou's hand. "Kirishima, you can't hide from your horn buddy! I know something's up. You wouldn't look so defeated otherwise."

Eijirou's cup crinkles, contents threatening to spill over as the lip pops in his tightened grip.
"I just. I love him a lot, and it's so hard to live with him when… When he…" Eijirou swallows down another noise, this one more of a sob. He tilts his chin into his chest regretting for once that he actually spiked his hair back up after showering at the agency, +
not to mention he forgot a change of clothes that day and was still wearing his costume. Now there was no hiding behind a protective curtain of messy bangs and street clothes.

"Oh, Kirishima." Ashido murmured softly.
"I just. I don't want him to hate me. I'm so scared of messing up. I want to just enjoy what we have but I'm so unmanly. I keep, I keep wanting more and if he finds out…" Eijirou had to squeeze his eyes shut to ward off the impending tears.
"Kiri-- Eijirou, hey…" Ashido pressed her fingers into the hand she was holding. "Alpha/Alpha relationships aren't as rare as people make them out to be, y'know. There are plenty of people that make it work and even give bonding bites that stick. I know Bakugou is, +
rough around the edges, but he likes you a lot!"

Eijirou sniffs miserably, a growing chasm of guilt eating away at his insides. He pulled his hand away from Ashido to wipe away the tears in the corner of his eyes only to end up laughing in a twisted, self-deprecating way.
An Alpha-Alpha relationship, ha. Yeah, if only it were that simple. Eijirou still didn't think he would've had a chance, but at least he wouldn't be lying to everyone he loved!
"Mina, I'm not an Alpha." Eijirou blurts out. His voice cracked at the end but it felt so good to finally tell someone the truth. He felt a little lighter even as his heart rate picked up.

Then the floodgates opened and Eijirou started spilling his guts to her. "M'not an Alpha,+
I never was. Everyone just assumed I was and I never smelled like an Omega so I just… I just went along with it. I just let everyone believe what they wanted to because it was easier. +
It was less embarrassing than telling everyone I was fucked up when my first heat hit. I didn't want to look weak. I didn't want Katsuki to think I was weak. I didn't want him to look at me like some b-broken thing not worthy of his time and I-- I lied…"
The tears were really flowing by the time the last word left his tongue. Eijirou curled into himself trying his best to hide from possible prying eyes since he was breaking down in a public space.

The horrible thought that seared through him was the utter unfairness of it all.
Because if he looked and smelled like a normal, unbroken Omega no one would bat an eye to his public meltdown. Because Omegas were allowed to cry and sob in front of strangers. Alphas got sneered at for such public demonstrations. And he was still in his hero uniform!
Thankfully, he wasn't that well known yet. Being just a sidekick and all but it couldn't be good for his image, regardless.

Ashido's black and golden eyes go impossibly wide as she leans over the table.
Her hands flutter about as if she can't decide if she should touch him or nor. She even gulps audibly a few times before panicked cooing and hushing starts. Her scent glands are covered by patches but even so Eijirou can smell the sour alarm seeping through.
She finally was able to wrap her brain around words and a sweet lemon smell follows as she tries a calm pheromone release. "Oh Eijirou, you… Does Bakugou know? Have you told him you aren't trying to transi-- That you aren't an Alpha?"
Eijirou is already shaking his head. "Of course not! I couldn't! If I told him he'd be disgusted with me! I'd loose him for good! I-- I don't know what to do Mina. I want to be with him so bad but if I try and court him… It'll blow up in my face, HE will blow up my face!"
"Wait." Ashido gasped, a look of horror flashing across her features. "Court him? Eijirou, I thought you guys were--"

A shrill ring cut Ashido off mid sentence and her hand shot to her belt as she pulled out a phone that definitely wasn't a personal one.
"Pinky here!" She answered curtly before her eyes blew wide again. "Yes, I'm just down the street I'm leaving now!"

"What's wrong?" Eijirou asked, tears forgot as she stood in unison with Ashido. Both of them nearly toppling their chairs in haste.
"There's a couple of guys terrorising some people in the square! One of them has some sort of plant growth Quirk while the other has a weak earth based Quirk and keeps shaking the ground! I'm the only one close by. I gotta go."
She was already dodging tablets, chairs and people as she navigated her way out of the seating area.

Eijirou was hot on her heels. "I'm coming too."

Ashido gave him a small smile as they jogged. "You aren't on duty."
"A hero is always on duty!" Eijirou said resolutely back at her, grinning through his red rimmed eyes and splotchy tear-stained cheeks.
With a nod of appreciation Ashido and Eijirou sped down the street. Eijirou occasionally calling out to anyone in their way by telling them to move, with a polite please tacked on the end of course, Eijirou wasn't rude!
It took them less than five minutes to arrive at the plaza square. Meters before getting there they could already feel the rumbling ground under boot.

"Red Riot On Scene!" Eijirou boomed as he slid to a stop, hardening his forearms and crashing his knuckles against each other.
"Pinky's Here To Save The Day!" Ashido chimed in striking a pose with a cheeky three fingered peace sign over her only open eye as she winked at the villains. "Surrender now or we'll take you by force!"
Eijirou took a quick assessment of the plaza while Ashido distracted the villains with her short speech. Like she had said, there were no other heros on scene however the police had arrived.
Though they hadn't done much to take the villains down they had worked a decent job of erecting a barrier to keep civilians away from danger.

"Look guys," Eijirou spoke up sweeping a hand on the plaza. It was overrun by vines and the pavement was cracked in several places. +
Even the fountain was spilling water everywhere. "You've done enough damage to make your point and it doesn't look like anyone is hurt…" Eijirou hoped the lack of ambulances was a safe assumption. "Turn yourselves in and we can help you out, yeah?"
One of the men -some guy wearing a suit, loose tie, a couple buttons missing from his shirt, and with a green hue to his skin- cried out in hysterics. "What would some high and mighty Alpha pros know about regular hard working Betas!?"
His friend? Who was not wearing a suit but instead a torn t-shirt and distressed jeans echoed the man's words with a loud: "Yeah you tell'em Kojosei!"
"Alphas get whatever the fuck they please while Betas are kicked to the curb! Betas are the 'inferior' 𝘸𝘦𝘢𝘬𝘦𝘳 second gender! But Alphas are driven by instinct alone! Well I'll show how superior Betas really are when when all the Alphas are WEAK brainless sex crazed idiots!"
"Oof…" Ashido winced while the man, 'Kojosei' according to the other, raged. "Sounds like someone was dumped for an Alpha."
"Or by an Alpha…" Eijirou stage whispered back not really caring if they heard him. It didn't seem like it though because Kojosei was still ranting on with his buddy encouraging him.
"Hey now!" Eijirou yelled out louder to gain their adversity's attention. "It's pretty unmanly to blame innocents for your problems, y'know? How about we just calm down and have a talk?"
Kojosei bristled almost immediately, fists clenching at his sides as he started to tremble. "What the fuck would you know!? You're an Alpha! Even a Beta can smell it on you! You're just like the others! Everything is handed to you on a pretty little platter!"
Ouch. Eijirou winced at the verbal blow. Sure the guy couldn't have known his situation, but the comment still hit a little too close to home.
"Hey!" Ashido called out, her face turning from a pleasant pink to an angry red. "Everyone has problems they've got to work at Mister! You can't hope to know the extent of an individual's battle when it's a war you aren't fighting!"
Eijirou gritted his teeth. "Mina!" He hissed trying desperately to stop her from fueling the villain's fire. It was sweet that she was so willing to jump to his defense. But Eijirou had been trying to appeal to their issues in hopes of avoiding an all out fight.
That idea flew out the proverbial window as soon as Ashido huffed, head snapping back to glare at Eijirou. "NO! That's not fair! They don't know you, what you've been dealing with! They don't know me! They can't put every 'Alpha' under an umbrella like that! It's not right!"
Panic seized Eijirou's chest.

"PINKY! EYES FORWARD!" Eijirou shouted just as vines pulled up from a tangled mess behind Kojosei and shot toward Ashido.

"Shit!" Ashido cursed as she lunged out of the way.
She slid away on her acid and flung a wall of it out behind her to stop their advance.

Eijirou was barely able to let loose a breath of relief before the ground under his boots started to rumble again.
A wave of concrete rolled toward him and Eijirou had to dodge-roll out of its path to avoid getting tossed.

Just as Eijirou made it back to his feet he found a fist headed for his face.
Eijirou had to wonder if the idiot knew Red Riot's quirk at all as hardened lines cracked down his temple. Soon after he met his opponent's knuckles with his rock hard forehead.
A crunch echoed through Eijirou's skull as each of the villain's fingers shattered upon impact.

The man instantly recoiled a howl of pain expelling from his lungs as he cradled his broken hand.
A morbid chuckle was Eijirou's answer. "I don't know what you expected, man? You don't throw punches at the Sturdy Hero Red Riot. It tends to backfire."

"Fuck you!" The man hissed stumbling backward as Eijirou advanced on him.
"Really rather not dude. You're not exactly my type, bein' a villain an' all." Inwardly Eijirou grimaced, guilt sitting heavy in his gut at his mean words. Maybe he was spending too much time with Katsuki...
His opponent snarled, lips pulling in disgusted ir, and steadied his stance.

Eijirou tried to lunge forward, fist read to knock the man through a loop, when the ground around the villain suddenly sunk about two meters.
Carmine eyes widening in alarm Eijirou yelped out roughly, "F-fuck!"

He brought himself to a skidding stop, heels digging into the cracked ground millimeters from the edge of the new hole.

Eijirou was able to back-peddle two steps before the ground pulsed.
Waves of concrete four meters tall radiated out from the sunken ground with the villain at the epicenter cackling like a mad hyena.

The first uprising threw Eijirou from his feet.
On reflex Eijirou clenched his jaw, hardening the back of his head, his back and arms. Hoping to soften the impact by landing on his elbows first and avoid getting a concussion.
Unfortunately, though he landed how he wished, the next wave flipped him heels-over-head. He came down on his stomach and chin, the force expelling all the air in his lungs as he essentially belly-flopped onto cracked concrete.
Not to mention his shoulders felt like someone attempted to rip them from their sockets. Eijirou wondered briefly if his left shoulder was dislocated. His bones cracked as he pushed up off the ground. Pain lancing through his shoulder and causing his lips to shake.
Despite the pain he buried his fists into the concrete to prevent himself from being bucked away again as the waves continued to pulse.

Ashido's surprised yelp drew Eijirou's attention away from the swells he rode.
He sought out her voice just in time to see the towering ripples hit her.

Back to the attack, Ashido saw no warning as she was defending against the vines Kojosei threw at her.

The man encased himself in said vines, raising above the ground just as the first surge hit.
Ashido, caught completely unaware, was thrown forward with the force. Flying right over Kojosei's protected form and straight into the side of a building.

Eijirou gasped as Ashido crumpled in a heap where the wall met the ground, out cold.
The worst of it was that Kojosei apparently wasn't finished with her, as he started to advance.

Eijirou tore his hands from the ground as he jumped back to his feet.

His heart was pounding as he slid down the next wave, the momentum launching him off the peak of the next.
As he caught air he flexed, summoning his hardening.

Harder, and harder!

His face cracked and his form grew layers of hardening, turning into the monstrous form he called Unbreakable. Shredding his pants from the knee down and obliterating his boots.
Eijirou smashed a Red Riot shaped hole through the next four meter wave of concrete.

Bursting out the other side he brought with him a chunk of what might have been a chunk of foundation connected to a rebar pole which he kept a tight grip on.
Using the rudimentary battle hammer as a counter balance, Eijirou copied a move straight from Ground Zero's famous aerobatics.

Twisting in mid air at his center of gravity and launching the concrete at the earthquake user.
Sparks flew from his palms as the metal of the rebar slipped from Eijirou's hardened fingers.

He belted out a tremendous and grating "RrrrAhhhhh!" as the heavy concrete was flung.
The earth shaking villain had no time and no means to dodge or block. So Eijirou got to watch with smug satisfaction as the concrete mass hit him in the torso, knocking him from his pulsing pedestal, and rendering him unconscious as soon as he hit the ground.
Not even an exhale later did Eijirous's ridged back slam into Kojosei's vine monster encasement.

Eijirou's skin pierced a large quantity. Thick sections of the vines falling in chunks.
What Eijirou wasn't expecting was the oozing white to seep out of the vines' core. It was milky in color, but sticky like syrup or honey.

Honestly, the crap looked a little like plant jizz.
The most alarming part, however, was how it stuck to Eijirou's skin. No matter how much he tried to shake or wipe it off it refused to unfuse until his skin seemed to absorb the substance.
It also smelled so sweet it made Eijirou's stomach turn. Like someone had dumped a bucket of sugar into warming honey and tried to make a pie out of it.

Eijirou pulled himself free from the tangle of vines only to land on the ground like a wet rag.
His stomach turned from the stick sweet coating as he swallowed down a gag.

Seriously, the sap was nasty.

Kojosei's manic laugh filling the plaza wasn't helping either.
The guy really had a screw loose.

Eijirou stood as globs of the plant-jizz plopped onto the ground sluggishly. His nose scrunched and his lips curled from the splattering sounds each gob made.
Determined to finish his fight so he could get rid of the gunk coating his skin, Eijirou took a heavy step forward only to be brought to his knee.

The ground splintered under his hardened kneecap as he tried to force air into his lungs.
The goop coating his skin felt hot. Unbearably hot, as if Todoroki had set the shit on fire.

Usually when Eijirou hardened his skin he could only feel such a heat in a muted sense, like touching a hot pan through an oven mit. He could feel the heat, but it didn't burn him.
The plant-jizz BURNED.

Burned so much Eijirou started to shiver under the intensity of it.

"Wha-what is this?" He gritted out through clenched teeth.
[CW: Sex Pollen (in the form of sap) / Forced Heat
Revisited Past Trauma
Attempted Noncon
Vomit ]
Kojosei's lips curled into a twisted grin as he stared down his nose at Eijirou's bowed form. "Oho, I see you finally realized my quirks hidden ability~ Fascinating, isn't it Hero? You see, the vines i produce aren't taken from plants that already exist! +
I grow them! Their sap is special, as you must have realized!"
Kojosei let his vines recede, allowing himself to touch back down on the ground. "It smells quite sweet doesn't it? Smells like Omega! It forces Alphas like you into rut! Turns them into mindless brutes just looking for a wet hole to fuck!"
Eijirou shivered, no longer able to hold eye contact he dropped to his hands. His claws digging into the concrete as he panted, saliva started to pool under his tongue and drip from the corners of his mouth.
He realized in horror that it wasn't the sap that was hot. It was his skin! The heat quickly turning into a teasing tingle that licked his spine and set his thighs trembling.

Kojosei watched for a moment soaking in his victory.
However, he must have noticed something wrong because his creepy smile faded into something more thoughtful as he crouched in front of Eijirou. He grasped the Sturdy Hero's chin and forced his debauched face to look up instead of the ground.
"Of course, the sap shouldn't touch an Omega's skin. It'll be absorbed and force the poor thing into heat."
Eijirou didn't know if Kojosei's pause was for dramatic effect or further contemplation, but the man finally finished his thought with a twisted look of mirth overtaking his face once more.
"You aren't actually an Alpha are you Red Riot!?" His voice was louder than necessary, and Eijirou shook with fear. How many people observing just heard what was said?
"Red Riot, an Omega passing for an Alpha! Well isn't this a treat!? I don't like using my Quirk on Omegas, since they are weak to begin with. But I guess you needed to learn your place as much as all Alphas do so I can't feel too bad about revealing you for the fraud you are!"
Kojosei's words faded out as Eijirou's mind went back to the alley. Back to a time he was a weak thirteenth year old and utterly helpless.

A sticky voice was back in his ear.

"Weak, just how I like them! Now, submit like a good little slut."
Eijirou's stomach turned. He could feel the man's clammy hands back on his body. Could feel the phantom fingers digging into his skin and pulling at his pants.

A wet tongue was back, laving over his bare shoulder with a sick huffing worship over the warmed skin.
Eijirou couldn't do anything as the fingers caught on the crease of his slick underwear, pressing between his cheeks uninvited.

Drool coated his neck from heavy breathing, fangs pressing into the skin over his sent-gland. A horrible preparation for a forced claiming bite.
Eijirou's muscles tensed before he heaved the contents of his stomach all over the ground. He could see the green of it from his soda earlier and chunks of what used to be his lunch. The acidic burn coating his tongue was enough to bring him back to reality.
His head snapped up from where Kojosei had dropped it.

Fire burned in Eijirou's carmine eyes as his nose scrunched in fury.

Slowly, still a bit shaky on his legs, Eijirou stood. Gaze locked on his target with a focus unheard of from an Omega in the throws of heat.
"How!?" Kojosei practically squeaked stumbling back away from Eijirou's enraged form.
"Omegas. Are. Not. Weak!" Eijirou panted out heavily, making his voice as loud and clear as he could manage. "You. Are less. Than a man. If you think forcing your will on others. Makes you better than an Alpha! Those who force themselves on others are the WEAK ones!"
A growl burned at the back of Eijirou's throat as he fisted the front of Kojosei's shirt. He forced the man back as he advanced until Kojosei's back slammed against the same wall Ashido was thrown against.
Eijirou loomed over Kojosei getting as close as he could without pressing his face against the man. His quirk activated once again, lines of hardening texturing his features and making his already pointed teeth sharper.
"You are weaker than Alphas, not because you are a Beta, but because you are evil!" He hissed.

Kojosei whined. Full body tremors coursing through the smaller man's veins.

Eijirou almost felt bad when the sour sent of piss reached his flaring nostrils, almost.
Instead, Eijirou reeled back far enough that he could crash his forehead against Kojosei's.

The man's eyes rolled back in his skull before promptly going limp.

Eijirou dropped him uncaring in the puddle he'd made himself.
His breathing was unsteady as he stumbled backward. His heel catching on the uneven ground made Eijirou fall back on his ass.

The heat was still pulsing under his skin and after everything calmed marginally, Eijirou could feel the moisture coating the insides of his thighs.
A whine bubbled out of his throat as he collapsed backwards. Concrete chunks digging painfully into his back.

Eijirou didn't want to be there out in the open anymore. He wanted to be at home. He wanted his bed. He wanted a nest.
He wanted Katsuki.
Shouts of alarm could be heard from the crowd. Much too loud for Eijirou's sensitive ears.

Rolling on his side he tried curling in the fetal position, hoping it would bring him an ounce of comfort.
Where was Katsuki?
Tears welled up behind his eyelids as he scanned the crowd. The police were still barricading the plaza off. So many citizens had their phones out, snapping pictures or taking videos.

There was a news crew too.
But no Katsuki.
Something big, round and yellow bounced out of the crowd. No one stopped him from jumping the police barrier and rushing directly toward Eijirou.

"Red Riot!!" Fat Gum's voice boomed out, concern tinging his tone.
Eijirou's lips trembled as he looked at the face of his mentor. Despite knowing deep down that Fat was there to help, all Eijirou could do was whine out a broken and desperate "Katsuki" before black tinged the edges of his vision and he passed out.

Artificial light filtered through Eijirou's fluttering eyelashes as he slowly regained consciousness. The smell of sweat and mixed pheromones of strangers in the enclosed space made his nose wrinkle in disgust.
When he finally got his eyes to stay open he found himself laying on a bench. His torso covered in Fat's jacket, the sweet sent of takoyaki wafting from the collar which was tucked neatly under his chin. Comforting in its own right, like all mellow Beta scents, but not his Alpha.
Eijirou found himself staring at slate gray lockers instead of the yellow and black of Fat Gum's Hero Office.

Definitely not home. Or even at his own agency, which meant he still wasn't safe.

Would he even be welcome at home?
Eventually Eijirou's hearing came back and he could pick out a few voices murmuring on the other side of a door. Muffled, but not totally indistinguishable especially with how sharp his senses tended to be during heat.
"Kojosei's quirk is able to produce sap that triggers Ruts and Heats." A calm voice explained, Eijirou thought it sounded like the chief of police for the prefecture, but he hadn't personally talked to her much so he wasn't positive.
"Is he gonna be alright? That gunk was all over him when I got there an' he wasn't responsive at all!" Fat Gum's voice. It was carefully tamed, but Eijirou could hear the concealed anger.
"He did have a lot on him, unfortunately most of it was absorbed before we got to him." A stuffy and professional voice replied. One Eijirou definitely did not recognize, and the unfamiliarity set his skin crawling. +
"He's most likely in for a rough couple of days. The heats triggered by Kojosei's quirk are, more severe, than normal if they follow the same pattern as the triggered Ruts we've encountered."
That information is quite honestly disturbing to Eijirou's muddled brain and he let out a pitiful whimper. Why wasn't he in the hospital, or a heat room if it was that bad? His lips trembled and chuffling noises escaped his nose while trying to hold back more whimpers.
The door swung open seconds later and Fat entered the locker room alone. "Hey, kid. How're you feeling?"

Eijirou shakes his head, words failing him as he tries desperately to verbalize his distress and only ends up whimpering some more.
Fat places a large cool hand on Eijirou's forehead. "That's alright. I'm sure you aren't feeling the greatest right now little buddy. We contacted your mate though. He's rushing here as we speak. Promise."

Eijirou's chest aches from how hard his heart started to pound against his ribcage. His eyes, swallowed mostly by his pupils, were a glistening ocean of carmine circled pitch. Who was coming to kidnap him!? He didn't have a mate!
Panic set in and he reached for Fat's arm, clinging to the bare but padded surface as he let out more whines, distress so thick even he could smell the sour musky mulch he was releasing into the air.
"Shh, you're okay!" Fat looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights as he awkwardly patted Eijirou's hair in an attempt at comfort. "Like I said. Bakugou-kun is coming. He was already half way here when I called so it shouldn't be much longer."
Katsuki. Right. Katsuki was his emergency contact. Of course they called him.

Except that was almost as bad!

He was in the throws of a forced heat! There was absolutely no way he could hide that from Katsuki! His life was over!
Tears bubbled over his waterline, streaming down his cheeks, pooling in his ears. He choked of a few whimpers and tried to sniff away his clogged nose only for it to start running.

He tried to tug on Fat, trying to communicate something,+
anything to keep Katsuki from seeing him like that. Unfortunately all he was able to actually say was his crush's name. And calling "Katsuki" over and over again only further panicked Fat into reassuring him that 'his Alpha' was on his way.
But Katsuki wasn't Eijirou's Alpha, and after seeing him a pitiful whimpering mess like he was, he wouldn't even be his friend later!

Eijirou had never gone non-verbal during one of his heats before, but he already hated it!
"WHERE THE FUCK IS HE!?" A voice called out at the volume of a nuclear blast. Eijirou swore a few of the locker doors had rattled open.

Shit! Katsuki! He was here already, and Eijirou had nowhere to hide!
While Fat looked utterly relieved and started for the door, Eijirou flipped himself off the bench.
Even on his hands and knees he was unsteady. Eijirou crawled away on shaky limbs but there was no place to go besides deeper into the locker room where the musky smell of the showers were.
Eijirou was able to shuffle maybe two locker lengths away before his elbows gave out and he fell on his face.

The door swung open again in that same moment. The heavy metal almost knocking Fat in the nose as it crashed into the wall instead.
Katsuki pauses in the opening. His nostrils flare once, eyes locked onto Fat with a narrowed glare before a whimper unbidden from Eijirou's lips caused Katsuki's focus to snap toward him at a neck-breaking speed.
The Alpha honed in on Eijirou like it was his mission and made it to his side in a flash.

He was burdened with extra clothes, +
an open jacket over his shoulders despite it being early summer and already sweltering outside, and some sweats thrown aroundthe back of his neck like an ugly scarf. The wafting carbon and burnt caramel of Katsuki ire drifting off the garment in waves.
Katsuki's eyes don't leave Eijirou as he snarls and snaps over his shoulder. "Why the fuck are you still here! Get out and shut the damn door!!"
The coat Katsuki was wearing immediately got shrugged off and he ripped Fat's jacket from where it tangled at Eijirou's legs. The garment smoking as Katsuki tossed it away and covered Eijirou insead with his own.
He also pealed Eijirou's bruised cheek off the floor, propping him up against the lockers.
Eijirou felt so sticky. From the heat of his skin, the sweat dripping sluggishly from his hairline, and the slick coating his thighs. Something he was positive Katsuki could smell, despite the other odors caking the air.
Eijirou's shoulders started to shake as his chin dropped to his chest. The gig was up. There was no way Katsuki couldn't smell the Omega on him, his fucked up pheromones could only smell so much like an Alpha in the middle of a heat.
Not to mention slick was just non-excusable! Eijirou hadn't looked, but he knew just from the feeling of it that his pants were soaked with the stuff!

Katsuki was gonna toss him out like last week's trash!
A wet sob bubbled out and the floodgates really let loose as tears poured out, cascading in torrents down his cheeks.

"I'mb sorry!" Eijirou choked out.
A rumbling coo sounded roughly from Katsuki's throat. The smell of soft toffee overtaking the carbon between them. "Hey, you did good Ei. You got'em! They're in police custody and they can't fucking hurt anyone else. You were so strong, Ei. +
You ARE fucking stong!" His hand was rubbing against Eijirou's back, firm little circles pressed into heated skin.

Hiccuping sobs bubbled from the back of Eijirou's throat, and he couldn't help but lean into the comfort Katsuki was freely giving.
They sat against the lockers for a while, longer than Eijirou could account for. Katsuki cooing at him while all Eijirou could do was whimper and whine half apologizes in a dazed state.

Apologies for all Eijirou's lies.
Apologies that lost their meaning in a symphony of broken 'My fault's and variations of 'Katsuki'.

Eventually Katsuki was shifting, hands sliding under Eijirou's armpits to lift him up off the dirty ground.
"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up. Your skin's fucking sticky and being in your shredded uniform can't be comfortable." Katsuki paused, gritting his teeth. "Ya definitely can't go out smelling like a whole ass heat house."
Eijirou sniffles loudly having no choice but to lean all his weight on Katsuki because his legs decided to wobble like a new-born fawn. "W-where, going?"
A vein popped on Katsuki's temple and his cheeks puffed almost comically before he closed his eyes and huffed out his nose in a loud rush of air. "The showers, Ei. We can't leave until we clean ya up, and get the fucking smell off you."
Eijirou's brow furrowed and his lower lip wobbled as it stuck out. "O-oh. Sorry."
"None of that shit!" Katsuki growled, maneuvering Eijirou around so he could seat him on the bench. "S'not your fault those fuckers messed with ya! I'd fucking kill 'em if you didn't already knock them through a loop. As is, they're both in the hospital, serves 'em right."
If Eijirou's mind wasn't completely mush, he might've been greatful that Katsuki was treating him like normal, talking to him just like he would any other day. Alas, Eijirou's brain was to fuzzy, and the cadence of Katsuki's tone sent his mind spiraling down a dark tunnel.
All his thoughts were centered on was rejection. Katsuki was deflecting again! Obviously Eijirou's secret was out now! There were news crews, and phone cameras everywhere! Katsuki had to know now, what an awful, broke Omega Eijirou was.
Yet he still didn't talk about it! Why?

It hurt so much, but Katsuki was ignoring it. Ignoring him!

"Don't fall backwards." Katsuki's voice sounded suddenly from just below his chin.
Eijirou blinked several times trying to process exactly when Katsuki had knelt between his open thighs. His callosed fingertips were brushing against his Adonis belt as he worked Eijirou's belt free.
With a yelp Eijirou failed, promptly lost his balance and tipped back exactlylike Katsuki just told him not to. "Wha!"
"Hey! What the fuck'ed I just say!?" Katsuki shouted back. His hand catching Eijirou's elbow so he stopped at an angle, leaning back but not falling. "Fuckin', hold on to me."
"No clothes!"

Katsuki screwd up his face and his nose twitched. "Yeah, no clothes! You're taking a shower dumbass!"
Fuck! Eijirou sounded like a toddler! It was like watching a train wreck from four cars back. He know what was happening but he had absolutely no control over it! How was that even fair!?
Other Omega got to sound sexy, with sultry voices! All Eijirou got was a non-verbal mess, and a front row seat to his downfall.

Where did the strength from earlier go!?

"Katsu- noooo!" Eijirou whined at him flopping backward.
"Eijirou! Look at me." Katsuki grasped Eijirou’s chin and tilted it forward. "Can you undress yourself?"

Pursing his lips, Eijirou's free hand flopped around before it finally landed on his belt.
Fuck, it felt like he was moving through jello. Was this what it was like to be drunk!?

Eijirou tugged at the buckle. He couldn't get his fingers to cooperate, and only succeeded in chaffing his thighs against his pants and NOPE! That was gross!
His thighs were sticking to his pants and his pants were sticking to his jockstrap and that was sticking to his already stiff cock which felt like it was getting skinned! No, no, his pants needed to get off his body right now!
Eijirou started tugging on his waistband in frantic desperation. "Off! Off! Ka-tsu! OFF!"
"Fuck, okay!" Reaching forward Katsuki's took Eijirou's hand and moved it to his shoulder then guided his elbow forward until Eijirou latched onto his bicep. "Hold on, they'll be off in a sec."
Eijirou grimaced as Katsuki hooked his thumbs under both waistbands. With a skill Eijirou didn't even know existed, Katsuki made a backwards dipping motion that lifted Eijirou off his ass just long enough for Katsuki to pull his pants and jockstrap halfway down his thighs.
Relief was immediate, though the initial tug against sensitive skin was less than ideal, once the clothes stopped clinging it was all worth it. Eijirou hummed wordless, something between a moan and a sigh.
It was echoed promptly with a resonating groan and garbled "F-fuck". Katsuki's knuckles bone white from his death grip. Eijirou could feel the flex of muscles under the hand he had grasping Katsuki's bicep.

He wanted to feel more. Be damned the consequences!
Apparently his self control got defenestrated because before Eijirou's thoughts were even finished he was already petting Katsuki's arm. Not exactly what he meant by feel more, but he doubted he had the motor skills equipt for anything else.
The petting pulled Katsuki's piercing gaze up. Unlike an Omega, whose eyes will dilate to take everything in, Katsuki's pupils were narrowed to hyper focus. Eijirou had heard it was common for Alphas when aroused or close to their run, they had difficulty focusing on more than +
one thing at a time and sometimes even had complete tunnel vision.

It caused Eijirou's hand to stutter its strokes at the inkling Katsuki 𝙢𝙞𝙜𝙝𝙩 be wholly fixated on just Eijirou and nothing else.
The intensity was already burning him from the inside out, like somehow Katsuki figured out how to spark his quirk behind Eijirou's ribcage.

Katsuki blinked slowly and let out a huff of air through his nose as if he'd just been holding his breath.
His hand was shaking when unlatched from Eijirou's waistband, crossed his chest to grab Eijirou's petting hand. Katsuki's fingers pressed into the backside while his thumb dug into the meaty part of Eijirou's palm.
Eijirou pouted when Katsuki removed his hand, but was swiftly appeased again when Katsuki only moved it far enough to press Eijirou's palm against his cheek.

Muscles were manly, but Eijirou had to admit he liked his hand on Katsuki's prickly jaw much better!
Katsuki rumbled again as Eijirou started caressing his cheekbone with the pad of his thumb. Turning his face into Eijirou's palm, Katsuki nuzzled.
Then Eijirou's belt buckle clattered to the ground making him realize Katsuki took the distraction to pull his pants the rest of the way down his legs.
Eijirou huffed and pinched Katsuki's cheek between his thumb and knuckle of his forefinger.

"Ack! Hey, what the fuck was that for!?"

"Pft, angry humming isn't gonna get you shit Ei." Katsuki's voice wavered while he tried not to smile.

Eijirou glowed back and kicked Katsuki's leg. "Mean!"

"I'm not mean, I'm nice."
Eijirou kicked him again but was anticipated and got his ankle caught.

"Enough of that. Are you walking or am I carrying you to the shower?"
Eijirou wanted to walk himself but he knew he wasn't going to be able to. He couldn't even crawl properly! And he definitely wasn't going to embarrass himself further by failing to crawl to the shower. He'd probably end up drowning himself or something equally as mortifying.
With shoulders slumped in defeat Eijirou whined out a sorrowful, "Up."

"Good boy."
Eijirou didn't know if the phrase was supposed to be teasing or not, but made Eijirou coo back. He didn't feel good, but the praise warmed his chest and he melted a little.

Katsuki stood and Eijirou reached out to him, baby grabby hands and all.
"Fuck." Katsuki shook as he reached forward to intertwine his fingers with Eijirou's and gave them a firm squeeze. "Wait a sec, I've to go with you and m'not getting my clothes drenched."

Eijirou nodded with his whole body, shaking their jointed hands up and down. "M'kay..."
"Fuck, okay… Fuck." Katsuki shook Eijirou's hands off and got to the task of undressing. His movements were jolting and he was far less graceful with his own stripping. The sweats over his neck got tossed over by the jacket. He somehow got his chin stuck in his muscle tank, +
and he tripped over his pants when his underwear didn't follow them all the way down his legs.

Eijirou was giggling up a storm by the time Katsuki was naked too.

"Ha. Ha. Very fucking funny, laugh it up chuckles!" Katsuki grumbled as he rummaged around in the coat's pockets.
Eijirou tried hiding his face behind his hands, but the chortles continued.

Katsuki grabbed one of his elbows and spun him on his ass until he was in a better position to grab. "Hold these." He demanded, shoving travel sized bottles in his hands.
Eijirou fumble with the three little bottles. One was cloudy and two were shiny. Probably shampoo, conditioner and bodywork. Katsuki thought of everything! He was so smart.

Such a 𝙂𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝘼𝙡𝙥𝙝𝙖.
Katsuki went rigid and Eijirou could hear him grit his teeth.


"M' fine! S' nothing." He barked back and forced himself into continuing.
With one hand placed just below his shoulder blades and the other arm hooked under Eijirou's knees Katsuki lifted with only a little grunt for effort.

Eijirou dropped the bottles on his stomach and threw both arms around Katsuki's neck. "Fall--! Falling!"
"What the fuck!? I'm not gonna drop you!"

Eijirou's stomach begged to differ as it did that clenchy-swoopy thing that happened when you fell off something high. Eijirou should know! He used to jump off the roofs of buildings to test his quirk!!
With a whimper, Eijirou buried his face into Katsuki's neck and tightened his grip.

Ha! Now if he fell, Katsuki was going down with him!

Katsuki's head tilted back and he let out a long growl.
Eijirou growled back, opening his mouth to bite the underside of Katsuki's jaw in punishment. It only succeeded in changing the angry growl into having more of a purr like quality.
But that was a good enough change so Eijirou licked over his bite and was quickly rewarded with the fragrance of spicy cinnamon.

Of course he had to lick again to see if he'd get more.
Eijirou chirped against Katsuki's skin because, yes, licking again did give him more! He could only smell the smokey toffee and spicy cinnamon of a content Katsuki. No more of the gross sweet shit from the plant-jizz or his own mucky panic. Just Katsuki.
The soap bottles clattered to the ground as Katsuki tried to put Eijirou's feet on the floor. A wail left Eijirou's throat as he was separated from his sweet spot due to the shifted position. He tightened his grip on Katsuki, clinging for dear life.

"Ei," Katsuki groaned back, his fingers digging into Eijirou's hips and heating up. "I gotta turn the shower on."

"No!" Eijirou had just got ahold of him! He couldn't let go now! He'd, he'd 𝙙𝙞𝙚 if Katsuki stopped touching him!
"You're not dying! You're going through a- A forced heat thing! Shit's not normal, at least not what you're used to doing."

Oh, Eijirou must have said some of that out loud.
Still, it didn't change the fact that the only place not on fire now was where Katsuki's palms were pressed to his hips, where his arms were thrown around Katsuki's neck and where their chests were against each other's.
"Fuck, fine. Just lemme get the faucet." Katsuki leaned into him, which was nicer than just clinging to him, but one hand left Eijirou's hip which wasn't as nice.
Eijirou whined until water poured out over their heads and he remembered how sticky and gross his skin was. "Ewww."

"Yeah, you're gross. That's why we're in the shower." There was a short pause before Katsuki started grumbling. "You dropped the fucking soap."
"Ka-tsu." Eijirou complained.

"Ha!? No, you did!"

Eijirou pouted. Katsuki was the one who let him go, so technically Katsuki dropped the soap!

Pulling away enough to glower Eijirou huffed out another: "Katsu."
"Fuckin- No, you did!"

Eijirou opened his mouth to retort only to get Katsuki's palm cupped over it.

"No, you did!" Katsuki stated with a smug look of accomplishment.

Petty. Using the fact that Eijirou couldn't fight back against him. Asshole.
Eijirou licked his palm.

"Fuck! Stop licking me!" Katsuki, having no clothes to wipe his hand on and instead wiped it in Eijirou's hair.
Which: rude! But also, sucks to be Katsuki because his hair still had dried plant-jizz in it. Its potency might have died but it was sticky once more due to the water.
"Eww, what the fuck is in your hair!?"

Eloquently, Eijirou sought to answer him snarkily but was only able to form one word: "Jizz".
"Excuse you!?" Katsuki bellowed, his voice echoing back off the empty walls. Carbon burning an acidic ire off his glands. "How- Who!? I'll fucking kill them!" He growled, face red and gums showing like he was preparing to bite someone's head off.
"Plant!!" Eijirou shouted in a rushed effort to correct his blunder, "Plant-jizz!!" Tears sprug to his eyes. They were having fun and Eijirou had to go and ruin it.

Katsuki was still growling at a deep and rough hum that vibrated between them. "The shitty sap?"
"Yesss!" Eijirou whined in desperation.

"You sure?"


"Fine, whatever the fuck it is it needs to all die." Katsuki pushed Eijirou, not unkindly, backwards until his spine touched the cold wall. "Stay."
Eijirou chuffed, and whined about it but he let Katsuki go get the bottles off the tiles.

After gathering the containers off the floor Katsuki lined them up on the shelf under the showerhead. "Shampoo first." He said while pouring some into his palm. "C'mere."
Eijirou didn't wait for Katsuki to help him move. He took a step forward, basically falling into Katsuki's arms. Only fumbling a little, Eijirou was able to run his palms up Katsuki's shoulder blades until he latched onto the Alpha's meaty deltoid. +
His chin dug into the softer part of his shoulder, where Katsuki's muscles met.

Eijirou tried to lean in further, his goal to press their fronts together from tit to groin but Katsuki had a stubborn hold on his hip bone with the hand not lathered with shampoo.
"Ei." Katsuki hissed, his voice so close and sultry.

"Touch?" Eijirou questioned hopefully.

Katsuki groaned, "Eijirou."

The next question was much less hopeful as desperation bled in. "Touch!?"
"Fuck. Fine." Katsuki relented his grip on Eijirou's hip, keeping his hand there but no longer restricting Eijirou's movement.

Eijirou took it, thrusting forward clumsily with his haste just in case Katsuki decided to change his mind.
Katsuki tensed, fingers digging into Eijirou's hip as if to use the bone as a handle. "Fu-ck... Goddammit." He hissed with ragged breath against the shell of Eijirou's ear.
"Hmm, goood," Eijirou hummed, content with the amount of skin contact. He might have felt like a fire was lit from within, but at least the cool shower water and where Katsuki was touching no longer burned his flesh.
Katsuki's face dipped into Eijirou's shoulder as he inhaled deep. No doubt getting a lung full of Eijirou's musk, the tang of minerals screaming his lust.
If Eijirou was in his right mind he would've pulled back. Instead he keened, letting his head fall away to expose the sinew cords lining his neck. His sent gland was almost the size of a golf ball.
When Katsuki's nose bumped against Eijirou's enflamed sent gland, clear liquid bubbled from the pores.

Fear spiked at the recess of Eijirou's mind.
Eijirou would be dumb to think Katsuki didn't know he was an Omega after their earlier conversation but that didn't mean he suddenly smelled like one! And if he still smelled aggressive then there was a chance of Katsuki taking aggressive action against him!
It was rare for Alpha pairs to bond because their scent glands often produced too much aggressive pheromones when around a fellow Alpha.
There were even reports of Alpha biting over another Alpha's sent gland and ripping a chunk out of their neck just to prevent the Alpha from being able to get a returning bite from their pair.
Katsuki was sensitive to pheromone output, and Eijirou never had all that great of a handle on his own. Of course he wouldn't be able to reel in any type of aggressive scents in the state he was currently.
Eijirou really didn't want Katsuki to rip his gland out, however, Katsuki's teeth still scraped right over the swollen spot.
Trying to save himself, Eijirou attempted to maneuver his neck away only for Katsuki's shampoo slicked hand to fist deep in the roots of Eijirou's hair. The action effectively giving Katsuki control as he forced Eijirou to keep his neck exposed.
The pain Eijirou was expecting never came.

After the initial scrape of canines against sensitive gland, the pressure was exchanged for a suction cup of lips and massage of wet tongue. It was as if Katsuki's goal was to extract all the liquid pheromones straight out of the gland.
It was as if static took over Eijirou's mind and a haze settled over his vision. The only thought he could muster was 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙞𝙢. He wanted it so badly. For Katsuki to pull his lips back and sink his teeth sweetly into where he was alternating from lapping and sucking.
Eijirou wasn't sure when but his brain finally registered the kneading on his scalp. Both of Katsuki's hands were in Eijirou's hair, lathering the shampoo through his roots and combining the suds through toward the tips.
Katsuki mouth had unfortunately moved from Eijirou's neck and instead had their cheeks pressed together. Close enough that Eijirou could hear the audible gulps of air and splutter of water with Katsuki's ever inhale and exhale. It sounded like he was really struggling.
Eijirou cooed and patted at Katsuki's shoulder where his hands were still clinging. "S'good, s'good." He voiced in an attempt to calm whatever was upsetting his Alpha.

"Ei." Katsuki groaned as he shifted and oh. Oh! He was hard! That was a small confidence boost right there.
Eijirou purred as he rocked his hips into Katsuki's causing the Alpha to hiss out an unsteady breath.

"Shit, fuck, Eijirou you--"
Katsuki cut himself off as Eijirou slipped down his front unexpectedly. Usually, although Eijirou had never personally had the problem before, an Omega was horizontal during their heat.
Vertical movement was normally difficult to accomplish and Eijirou was getting his first experience as he failed to grind forward.

"C'mon Ei, stop moving. Dammit."

"Yeah, I know. I fucking know it hurts." Katsuki growled out. "Just, we need to clean you up so we can go home."

"Ka-tsuki." Eijirou whined as the Alpha pulled him back to his feet. "Touch?"

"Not that again. Eijirou, we fucking can't."
Distress was surely pouring out of him in waves as he let loose a noise that sounded like a dying animal. Eijirou felt like all the heat inside him turn to ice as he shivered violently.

Right. Right. He wasn't supposed to touch. Katsuki wasn't his Alpha. Eijirou was a bad Omega.
"Woah! What the fuck!? Who told you that!?" Katsuki hand was gripping Eijirou's chin like a vice. "You are not bad."

Eijirou tried to pull away.

"𝙇𝙤𝙤𝙠 𝙖𝙩 𝙢𝙚, ya bastard!" Katsuki demanded.
Eijirou's glossy gaze zoned in on Katsuki's fire lit crimson eyes.

"You're good. Fucking perfect, y'hear!?" Katsuki barked harshly. "𝙍𝙚𝙥𝙚𝙖𝙩."

Eijirou's brow drew together as he stuttered around the words 'good' and 'perfect'.
"Who is?" Katsuki asked, his tone softening a fraction.

"M-me?" Eijirou sobbed.

"Yeah, you." Katsuki confirmed placing a tender kiss on Eijirou's forehead. "Good boy."

"Now touch?"
Katsuki sighed as he sagged, "Just-- Just a little, but only if you stop me if I do something wrong."

Eijirou was already nodding, desperate to get Katsuki's hands on him.

"I fucking serious Ei. Show me you can stop me or I ain't doing shit."
With an annoyed huff Eijirou summoned his quirk causing hardened skin to ripple over his chin and hip where Katsuki's hands were holding him.
Eijirou watched as Katsuki's lids fell to half mast, pupils constricting to slits. He licked his lips before they settled around a smirk Eijirou had only ever seen when the Alpha was proud of something he'd accomplished.

"That's my boy."
"Good?" Eijirou questioned thickly.

Katsuki's head tilted slightly as he hummed. "Very good." He wet his own lips before diving in to capture Eijirou's.
The firm swipe of Katsuki's tongue against the seam of Eijirou's lips had his jaw unhinging embarrassingly fast. Katsuki's hand slid from Eijirou's chin to caress his jawline, cheek and bury back into his roots.
Though they were still basically the same height Katsuki still managed to seem so much bigger as he tipped Eijirou back in a gentle arc.
There was a hot glide as Katsuki's other hand moved from Eijirou's hip to the base of his spine. Deft fingers kneading at the ache there for a moment long enough for Eijirou to moan his approval.
"Dammit." Katsuki groaned against Eijirou's lips, not letting a full centimeter between them before he qas adjusting angles and ducking back in to ravage the inside of Eijirou's mouth.
It was so hard for Eijirou to focus as Katsuki seemed to suck the heat right out of him leaving him floaty and numb. However, he didn't want to be the type of Omega who just takes from their partner. It wasn't Eijirou's style.
With a struggling sigh through his nose Eijirou fought control of his limbs. Surprised that it was easier now that Katsuki was taking the heat away.
He didn't remember where his hands had started, but now they were firm on the lower part of Katsuki's obliques just above the Alpha's hips. With a firm press, Eijirou stroked his way up rippling muscle until his thumbs met the crease under Katsuki's padded breast.
Years of upper body workouts caused the muscle to swell nicely. Causing Katsuki's arms and chest to rival that of greek gods. It was one of the -many- features Eijirou found sexiest on his best friend.
Eijirou had spent most of his high school career lusting after the tits he now had a hold of.

Katsuki huffed a breathy 'has as he pulled away. "What're you doing?"

After watching the pink flush on Katsuki's cheeks darken Eijirou cooed back at the Alpha. "Mmm, touch."
Katsuki's lungs expanded with a closed mouth chuckle. "Really? You like?"

"Much!" Eijirou chirped, taking the opportunity to cup and fondle Katsuki's chest. His thumbs teasing over erect nipples.
"How are you so-nngh!" Katsuki's words cut off into a strangled mess of incoherent noises as Eijirou dipped to have his tongue join his thumb over one nub.

Eijirou had never thought about what it'd taste like, +
Katsuki's skin, but it made sense that he tasted like he smelled. Like one of those toffee hard candies with the gooey middle. Sweet and smooth, except Katsuki had a bite of ash to the taste, like the burnt bits of a blackened marshmallow.
Did his cock taste the same? His knot?

Eijirou bit down around the areola, not needing too much pressure to create nice claiming teeth marks surrounding the puffy bit of flesh.

"Fuck, Ei. T-turn around."
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