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Another day another night, everything was falling into a normal routine, just coming back from a long mission on his work study Izuku walked up to the dorms he opened the door and the first person he runs into on their way outside, was a wall of heat and burnt sugar aroma.
Bakugou stood down looking at Izuku. “Tch- welcome back Deku.” He huffed and then proceeded to push Izuku out of the way, it was just before dinner time and this was about the time Bakugou would do he daily jog so off he went.

“T thanks Kaachan.” Izuku said as he watched
Bakugou jog away. It was nice getting a greeting from Bakugou, not the normal but he had been away for 2 weeks on the huge mission they had going on now FINALY resolved.

Izuku walked into the dorms and was met with many bright faces.

“Oh! Deku! Welcome back!” Ochako called.
“Midoriya it’s nice to see you.” Shoto said as he looked up from his cold soba.

“Midoriya!” Iida started as he walked up. “Do you need any help with you bags? I will gladly help as class rep!” He went on.

“No I got it. Thank you tho Iida!” Deku smiled.
“Yoo Midoriya’s back!” Kirishima greeted as he walked down the hall with Denki, sero, and Sato.

“Hey guys.” Izuku smiled happily, he felt really flushed all of a sudden started in his stomach. It was an odd feeling but he decided to brush it off in the moment.
It was probably nothing.

The greetings and classmates kept rolling in and they all caught up, some members of the class were still on workstudies and haven’t gotten off yet, including Tsyuu, Jirou, Tokoyami, and Mina. But there were due back at any time.
They all sat down and enjoyed some dinner cooked by Sato, Bakugou came in from his run towel around his neck, he looked more tired then usual, he grabbed an apple off the counter and walked toward the showers.

“Bakubro aren’t ya gonna eat?” Kirishima called out.
“S’fine got and apple.” Bakugou spotted as he walked not even turning back.

Izuku walked Katsuki walk away and then brought his focus back to the coversation with his classmates.

“So what happened next? You said you were in a bind!” Sero asked.

“Oh yeah, we went in and +
The suspect ran right into the trap laid for them but then some of their underlings broke out and started attacking, it was really hard holding them off but it all worked out!” Izuku said with a smile.

“But then after we left I ran into a lost child, it took me a few hours +
+ but I got her back to her mom right in time for my train back here! It was a hectic day today, but it all worked out!” Izuku laughed.

“That’s crazy! I’m glad things got solved!” Sero said. “After all that two weeks I’m glad things worked smoothly!”

“Yeah, and on top of +
+ that you helped a lost child! Deku you really are hero material!” Ochako said with a beaming smile.

“Well that’s our number 2 out of the big three for ya!” Kirishima boasted.

The class all laughed and kept talking eating food and catching up.

More toward the end of dinner
Izuku started getting a headache. It felt like head was splitting in two. It was horrible.

“Ahh I think I’m gonna settle in for the night guys.” Izuku said as he held his head.

“Midoriya are you alright?” Iida asked.
“Yeah you don’t look so good. Kerro-“ tsyuu said as she
Looked at him.

“I’m alright I just have a headache, a little rest and I should be all good!” Izuku said giving his award winning smile.

“You get some rest then!” Iida said as he moved his hand up and down.

The class bid there good nights and Deku made his way to his room.
Once he got there he just kinda left his bags right in the doorway after he closed the door and plopped down on his bed face first and just laid there.

His body felt so heavy and his eyes felt like there were being pulled down.

I guess the exhaustion FINALY hit me,
Izuku thought. Then the wave of heat flooded him and coiled in his stomach and quickly rose through his body and limps.

“Ahh why is it so hot!” Izuku huffed as he got up he stripped down to his underwear yes there were boy boxer shorts, sporting All night’s design. Once a
Fanboy always a fan boy.

Izuku afte discarding his clothes turned the fan in his room and laid on his bed letting the face hit him in the face. He laid there for a few moments and sat up still feeling the heat in his body.

“Maybe I was hit with a quirk of some kind..”
“I should go tell recovery girl...” Izuku stood up and that was it, his legs were basically jello and he fell forward blacking out mid-fall hitting the ground with a thud.

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The night flew by everyone went about their business, usually Bakugou was asleep by 8:30 and even tho it was strange for Izuku to go to bed early he was tired so everyone left them be. Well there were all in for a treat.

Saturday morning arrive and the events began.
The warm feeling he felt early rushed over him and woke him up abruptly. Izuku squinted and blinked his eyes away before he sat up, stretched and rubbed his eyes. “Ugh....” he sighed and then stopped.

He blinked for a second and thought to himself. -was that me??-
His voice sounded raspy and deep, deeper than he was used to coming from himself.

Izuku then looked up and around, eyes widened as he realized he wasn’t in his room.

“AHH- what’s going!” He shrieked and jumped out of bed. This one scared him more as he didn’t sound like

He quickly sprung off the bed and tried to find a mirror. He was so flushed that he didn’t think to look in the closet and just opted for the phone on the side of the bed but as soon as he picked the phone up he knew who’s it was.

“Kaachan... I’m in Kaachans room.”
He opened the camera and flipped the camera closing his eyes. Gods he was scared to look at himself.

What’s going on with him? Why was he in Kaachans room? He opened his eyes and was met with.. well Kaachan.

He shrieked again, dropping the phone in the process.
He fell backwards on the ground landing on his butt. “Oh my god...” he sat in fear. He then looked at the phone and picked it up again looking at himself- well kaachan.

“What happened to me??” Izuku started mumbling.

“Maybe it was a quirk that did this.. but how is kaachan
Effect in this, do I just look like him and he’s somewhere else?” He went on. “But how is this even possible, I’m in his room I didn’t come here myself last night..” he rambled off.

“I fainted in my room..” Izuku then gasped. “Is Kaachan me then?” He looked down to the side.
He furrowed his brows and quickly rose to his feet. But then the phone went off.

He looked down and dread filled every fiber of his being. He hesitantly opened the phone and saw a text from “Shitty Hair”

“That must be Kirishima..” he mumbled and sighed a breath of relief.
Kiri: Bakubro you good? I hear some loud noises and you screaming?

Izuku panicked. Ahhh—

Baku: *typing* ahh sorry—

Izuku stopped and furrowed his brows. Kaachan wouldn’t apologize or get flustered. Izuku deleted the text and then replied.

Baku: None of your business. Go+
Back to bed shitty hair.

Izuku sighed not really liking that he sent that to kiri.

Kiri: alright man just checking in 😉

Izuku left him on read.

Izuku stared at the phone not curious it’s peaking his interests to snoop. He felt guilty but when was he gonna get another
Chance? So he checked for what his name was.. and...

| Shitty Deku 💚|

Izuku stopped why was there a heart.


He could feel the flush in his face. Why did kaachan have a heart next to his name. What did this mean?
Izuku took a deep breathe and then looked around. He set the phone down and looked at Kaachans Desk.

Maybe he could find something here.. after all Izuku’s first thing he does when he likes something or wants to know more is writing it down. So Izuku goes searching and before
Long comes up with a note book.

He opens it and flips through it all notes for school. Right before he was about to give up on this notebook his name sticks out like a sore thumb.

Tucked to the side of the notes written multiple tones in different fonts.

“Izuku.” “Deku”
“Izuku <3” “Izuku Bakugou?” <- that one was crossed out.

Izuku felt his heart flush. He continued on. Little side notes here and there.

His name written in Kaachans notes.

Did Kaachan like him? Does he like me?!?! Izuku stumbled on the thoughts so lost in it all.
Izuku has always been drawn to Katsuki, never in a million years was he planning on telling Katsuki that. Or the fact that sometimes he gets off to the sight of Katsuki during there sparring sessions and training. Or how much Izuku wanted to kiss him in those heated moments.
Dare Izuku even say he had his own crush on his childhood friend, but this was all too overwhelming the possibility of Katsuki liking him back made his world spin, and all of it came to an abrupt end when..

Izuku jumped out of his skin hearing the loud slams.

“Open. The. Damn. Door.”

Izuku’s blood ran cold at the sound of his voice so angry and full of hostility.

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Izuku/Deku will be marked with

🥦Izuku POV🥦

Katsuki/Kaachan will be marked with

💥Katsuki POV💥
// or well there side of the incident lol idk just bare with me 🤣🤣//
💥 Katsuki POV 💥

With a grumble and a groan the world came to light for Him.

Why is my bed so fucking hard... he thought as he picked himself up only then he realized he was on the floor.

“What the fu-“ he stopped mid scentence. He whipped his head around.
All might. All might. all might.

All might figures, all might posters, all might alarm clock, all might bed spread. All might pens and pencils.

WHY THE FUCK AM I IN DEKU’S ROOM!?!?! Bakugou was fumming and mostly confused. How the hell did he get here? He went to bed in his
Own dorm and bed. “Oi.. Deku”

Katsuki spitted as he got up as he did he noticed his hand crooked and scarred. His eyes widened. He put a hand through his hair and pulled it down..

Green. “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” He yelled explosively.

He then stomped over to the side table and
Rummaged through the drawer drawing to find his phone, what he found was a whole other topic.. among little tinkets and notebooks he found tissues, hand lotion, a bottle of lube....

Katsuki’s yes narrowed on the shinny object in the back corner of the drawer.
He moved his hand to pick it up, it was a chrome orange, once in his hand Katsuki held it and scrunched up his face. “What the fuck is this thing...” he huffed before he tossed it mindlessly not caring where it landed. “Fucking nerd..” he shook his head and turned around and saw
Deku’s phone on the ground. He walked over and picked it up and it unlocked to his face.

He then went to the camera and was confronted with Deku’s stupid face.

“Fucking DEKU!!!!” He huffed. He stood there steaming, trying to wrap his head around what had happened. Somehow he
was in Deku’s room.

Now he looked like Deku, sounded like Deku... this was fucking annoying.

After he calmed down, well not really just more in control of himself he was still pissed. He turned on his heels and went on his mission.
If his suspicions were right, Deku must be in his room, right? Just swapped places maybe?

He slammed his door and continued on.

Soon he was at his dorm and he banged on the door.


He may have inadvertently activated OFA in the process cuz it was loud.
“Open. The. Damn. Door.” Oh was he seething in rage, but also a tiny part of him was reeling. The sound of Deku’s voice filled with such hostility had him on the verge of caving. But he stood strong nonetheless.
There was some shuffling and ruckus going about and that’s when the door next to Katsuki’s dorm opened.

“Midoriya? What’s going on? Is everything alright?” Kirishima said as he saw Him standing there.

“Mind your own fucking business shitty hair!” He huffed and banged on the
Door again.

(🥦💥Kinda both of theirs POV now lol)

The door to his dorm slowly opened and Katsuki /Izuku/ peaked out and looked at Izuku /Katsuki/

“H-hey- k- I mean” he spotted Kirishima and stuttered a bit.

“DAMN NERD! What do you want?!”
“HUH?!? Who the fuck you think you talkin too!!” Katsuki huffed /in Deku’s body/

Kirishima looked baffled. “Uh you guys are off...” he huffed. “I think I’ll go get Aizawa.”

“Fuck off shitty hair!” Izuku /Katsuki/ spitted.

“Please go get him, thanks Kirishima” Katsuki /Deku/
Said with a smile.

Kirishima’s eyes widened and nodded quickly and went off while Katsuki just stormed right past Izuku into his dorm room.

Izuku just let him in and then silently closed the door right as Katsuki erupted. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!”

“I don’t know kaachan.”
Izuku said putting his hands up.

“All I can remember is passing out in my room and then waking up here!” He said as he looked down and away from him.

“Tch-“ he huffed.

“Maybe I got hit with a quirk or something and now we switched bodies? I’m not sure.” Izuku said looking
Up at Katsuki.

“Figures a shitty nerd like you would do something like this-“ he huffed.

“Kaachan I didn’t do this on pur-“

“I don’t give a fuck-“ he huffed and then noticed his desk was out of place.

“You fucking went through my desk?!” He huffed.

Izuku froze. “Uh-“
Katsuki didn’t have room to talk either he looked though Deku’s stuff too but Katsuki didn’t want Deku to find what he wrote in his notebooks. God fucking no... that’d be a death scentence. Admitting defeat to Deku.

Not that he even deserved his attention at all for what he
Did and said to Deku back in middle school.

“You fucking did didn’t you! Have you ever heard of god damn privacy!” He huffed turning a shade pinker.

Izuku looked down and away guilty. “I- I got curious!” He argued.

“You-“ Katsuki started but was cut off.
Knock knock knock.


The door opened to Aizawa standing there. “Alright Midoriya, Bakugou... lets get this figured out..” he huffed. “Of course it’d be you two to cause trouble on the weekend.” He said as he motioned for the boys to follow.

Katsuki and Izuku turned
And walked out. “You couldn’t even last 12 hours of Midoriya being back from his internship and already you two are at each other.” He huffed the faint feeling is sleep humming through his groggy voice.

“Tch. Not my fucking fault.” Katsuki said sharp and cold.
Aizawa looked at Izuku eyes wide.

“It’s probably my fault Mr. Aizawa. I’m sorry for the trouble.” Izuku spoke and put a hand behind his head with a smile.

Mind you Aizawa was told, something is going on with Midoriya and Bakugou, they aren’t acting right. That’s all he was

“What the hell...” Aizawa grumbled.

Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at Izuku (well Katsuki) “so you’re Bakugou..” he the. Pointed to Katsuki (Izuku) “ and you’re Midoriya.” He asked monotonedly.

“Yes.” Katsuki /Izuku/ spoke.
“Yeah.” Izuku /Katsuki/ spoke curtly.

Aizawa sighed audibly and turned away from the and started walking. “Let’s go get this checked out..” he huffed.

“I going to me an expresso for this...” Aizawa whined in a low grumble as he slumped his shoulders and led the boys towards
UA’s main building and ultimately Recovery girls office to get checked out.

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Bakugou (Izuku)
Deku (Katsuki)

Body talking = (actual person in body)

I hope this makes sense 😅
Once they arrived at the recovery room they were met with a stern face.

“Why am I not surprised to see you here this early Midoriya? Did you break your bones or something? I thought we got over this?” Recovery said bluntly as she looked at Deku.

“HAH? What the fuck!”
Recovery girl raised her brows. “Oh...”

“Sorry recovery girl- it seems me and kaachan switched bodies, it’s probably something on my end.” Bakugou (Izuku) said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Well isn’t that amusing for you boys.” She chuckled.

“How long will this +
Last.?” Aizawa grumbled from the door. He didn’t know if he could handle these boys in each other’s bodies for long.. they were already at each other’s throats and it wasn’t even 9am yet... can’t these children just not get into trouble for once.

“Hmm... I’m not sure” Recovery
Girl started. “Probably a few days I’d say.” She paused. “Midoriya do you have any idea who caused this and where? I know you just got back from your work study.”

“Uh yeah! I think it happened in the way home, I ran into a child who lost there mom on the train.” Bakugou (Izuku)
Said as he then put his hand to his chin. It was definitely a weird site seeing Bakugou go into a muttering phase.

“OI! Don’t do that shit in my body damn nerd!” Deku (Katsuki) huffed, and damn it all Midoriya always blushed easy and it was no different for when Katsuki was in

“Ah- Sorry Kaachan” Bakugou (Izuku) said apologetically.


“Hmm I see well, I’ll get in contact with authorities to see if we can track down that child and their parents to get to the bottom of it.” Recovery girl
Said as she swiveled on her chair turning towards her computer.

“Until then just stay in the dorms and on campus.”


“Tch.. can’t believe you damn Deku.” Deku (Katsuki) huffed as he crossed his arms.

Aizawa just sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. This was
Going to be a long weekend to get this settled.

Back at the dorms no one had really gotten wind of the storm that was about to be their weekend except Kirishima he knew, Mineta also kinda caught wind of the situation along with Tokoyami and Aoyama but not fully.

Aizawa came through the door first and behind him were the
“Problem children”

Deku (Katsuki) wore a soild scowl and had his hands shoved in his pockets, while Bakugou (Izuku) walked in with a nervous glance about him.

It halted everyone in the main rooms.

The silence that hung boiled Katsuki’s blood.

“OI YOU FUCKERS GOT A PROBLEM!” Irritation never heard off of Izuku’s tongue rattled the dorm walls.

“Kaachan.” Bakugou (Izuku) said trying to calm Katsuki down.

“Mr. Aizawa what’s going on? Kero-?” Asui was the first to speak.

“The two problem children have switched bodies
It seems. And the effects will probably be a few days.”

“Fucking suck-“

“Mido- Bakugou. That’s enough.” Aizawa snapped.

“TCH-“ Deku (Katsuki) huffed and crossed his arms turned his head to the side.

“Ahh I see kero-“

“Dayum I never thought I’d be scared of Midoriya-“
Sero chuckled awkwardly. “Balky could you make Midoriya wicked scary-“

“Huh?” Bakugou (Izuku) said innocently as he tilted his head. “What do you mean sero?”

“Stupid extra.”


“Well it’s just I don’t see you ever being mean, you are just usually so gentle and...”
Sero paused. “And cute. I can’t see you being scary even when you fight. You are strong but not scary.”

“Oh I see..” Bakugou (Izuku) said deflated a little bit.

“Don’t get me wrong Midoriya! You are super cool! It’s just Bakugou’s attitude on your body just makes me realize
Your face and voice can be scary- ahah” Sero chuckled as he patted Bakugou (Izuku) on the shoulder.

Deku (Katsuki) was just processing this Information.


Sero just called Deku cute.

Oh he was not having that. But what was he gonna say.

—oi! Fucker Deku’s mine
Back the fuck off!!— no that wouldn’t work. So instead.

“Pff- course you’d say that. Deku is just Deku- He ain’t cute.” he huffed and glanced at Izuku in his body, and the flash of hurt that went through the boys eyes in a brief moment stung his heart immediately making him
regret he words.

“That’s your opinion bakugou” Sero said with his arm crossed.

“Tch whatever..” Deku (Katsuki) huffed, internally wanting to ring Sero’s neck.

“Ahah thanks Sero” Bakugou (Izuku) laughed with a blush.
Soon word flew around the dorms and everyone knew, it was kinda awkward at first but Midoriya was with the Baku squad since Katsuki was in Midoriya’s body and Bakugou was with the Deku Squad since Izuku was in Bakugou’s body.

The two boys kinda avoided each other for most of
The day as they did there regular tasks.

Out of habit Bakugou (Izuku) went to his own room to grab something only to find his stuff had been rummaged through. He was kinda mad at first but then realized he did the same so he can’t really be mad...

But what threw him was
A shine coming from his bed. He went cold. He walked to his bed and no doubt.

His most private possession his butt plug.

“OH MY GODS... kaachan saw this... picked it up too—“ he whispered to himself feeling his cheeks heat up immensely.

What did kaachan thing of him now?
Maybe that’s why he was so angry-

Deku was beyond embarrassed and that’s when he felt it. Sparks on his face.

It snapped him out of his transe of embarrassment.

“Kaachan qurik-“ Izuku said as he held his hands out. “I can study Kaachan first hand!!” He exclaimed excitement
surging in his voice. This was a once in a life time opportunity to get accurate information based on real time test results and examination!

Deku grabbed his note book and started his study on Kaachan body- I mean quirk- yeah- just his quirk not his body-

But he needed to
Get correct measurements too right? It was all part of his study... it should be fine for knowledge’s sake!

CW ⬇️: NSFW, Mastubating(?) (idk non-con? If that’s what this is considered? Izuku in Bakugou’s body exploring-) lol
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