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HCQ had been in use in Aust for decades. The Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA had no problems with it. That is because for 65 years HCQ was widely used in the military as a treatment for Malaria which has killed more soldiers than bullets. So it had been...
widely tested. Any adverse experiences caused by HCQ due to other health conditions or medications used, would have been known over this time. That is why HCQ was used all over the world & why it was included on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme PBS ...
and had a general unrestricted benefits listing.(another testing ground) After so many years of use, being considered one of the safest drugs out there. The TGA never saw cause to change their position on HCQ until recently. So what happened?
17 Nov 2019
First case of Covid 19 reported in Wuhan China

20 Jan 2020
Prof Paul Kelly takes over as head of the TGA
He is a member of 2 world health advisory groups
30 Jan 2020
WHO declares the Covid19 virus a pandemic

19 March 2020
Trump talks about HCQ at a press conference & on tweets
24 March 2020
After decades being sold safely. The TGA bans over the counter sales of HCQ. Claiming a possible shortage for Malaria sufferers ( no Malaria in Aust & no one travelling, plus Aust govt has secured supply)
Plus it is also now categorised as a poison.
Why is it classed as a poison now after so many years of testing.
The only thing that changed was Covid19 came out (HCQ kills that) & Trump mentioned it. That’s all that changed.

It says no longer in force does that mean the change is revoked!!!
3 April 2020
Australian Govt secures supply of HCQ.

9 April 2020
Close ally India ramps up production
1st May 2020
The Department of Health makes changes to the PBS. HCQ no longer has a general unrestricted benefits listing. Dentists can prescribe HCQ but Chemists cannot. You would think a Chemist is well qualified to assess a clients medication & symptoms...
they did it previously & do for other drugs. (That’s what they do)

1 May 2020
TGA using quotes & information from a pharamaceutical company to justify their position. This is not the way it is suppose to be TGA legally advises them not he the other way around
20 May 2020
Australian trials of HCQ begin

21 May 2020
British Trials of HCQ begins
22 May 2020
The Lancet group (not sure if pun intended)
Published a study claiming negative results from HCQ. These results are still quoted today

Rebuttal 146 Clinicians, medical researchers, Statisticians & Ethicists wrote to Lancet pointing out several issues
27 May 2020
The TGA puts new restrictions on their already new restrictions.
They make it clear to Aust doctors. HCQ is not to be used. Ignoring positive results & focussing on limited & questionable negative results
Death rates for countries using HCQ is dramatically less. Even in densely packed large populations
These are dramatic results. So why is HCQ still banned.
It’s roller coaster ride tells a story in itself..

I’d like to post more info but as many will attest,

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