Um, I missed the news below from 2018 until now. Wow.

But I do remember how Roger Stone said that Reince rigged elections and then Reince joined the Trump team. 1/
4/ Harry Reid, to Comey, August 27, 2016
Sounds the alarm that Russia intends to falsify the 2016 election results. h/t @truthseekingiam
5/ “Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie wrote that Chris Vlasto [a GMA producer] called Bossie, Trump’s deputy campaign manager, at 5:01 p.m. on election night with info. being shared within a consortium of The AP & the major TV networks.” 12/6/17
“‘Vlasto had the early exit numbers that the consortium of news networks — the Associated Press, ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News — had collected,” Lewandowski and Bossie wrote.” 6/
“‘The consortium followed eleven battleground states, including Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Trump was down in eight of the eleven states by five to eight points. The news was devastating. A kill shot.’” 7/
“Bossie, by his and Lewandowski’s account, wrote down the numbers provided by Vlasto and read them to Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus and Jared Kushner***

Vlasto also sent an email to Bossie at 5:34 p.m. with exit poll data that Bossie had requested, according to the book.“ 8/
13/ “[M]ost large Wisconsin counties refused [to conduct a manual recount], Michigan law made it impossible, the court in Pennsylvania blocked it, and some counties lacked paper ballots.“
14/ “In 2017, the Department of Homeland Security acknowledged that it had conducted no forensic analysis to see if vote totals had been hacked and said that it did not intend to do so in the future.”
15/ Russia’s attack on America’s election infrastructure “reportedly began in June 2016, a few years after Russia attacked vote-tallying and election-reporting computers in Ukraine.“
16/ “The Senate Intelligence Committee report on Russian interference includes a section titled ‘Russian Activity Directed at Voting Machine Companies,’ which states that Russia also ‘scanned’ a ‘widely used vendor of [US] election systems’ before the 2016 election.”
17/ “But the name of the vendor is redacted, and the unredacted portion of the report does not explain what it means by ‘scanned.’”
18/ Harry Reid told @davidashimer, the author of Rigged, that he believes Russia hacked vote totals in 2016. He also notes that it would not have taken a lot of votes to pull this off.
20/ A GOP operative-turned-whistleblower claims that “Rove once told her that election results can be manipulated to achieve victory w/o undue suspicion so long as the preferred candidate is within 3 % points of the targeted candidate in the final polls...”
22/ Note that Ukraine’s 2004 presidential election was reportedly electronically manipulated in favor of pro-Putin Viktor Yanukovych—who Paul Manafort & Oleg Deripaska later helped install & who locked up his female opponent—via a man-in-the-middle attack.
26/ In 2015, Florida decided to allow voting machine vendor ES&S (which has donated $30k to the GOP since 2013) to install wireless modems in its DS200 precinct ballot scanners.
h/t @SwissTriple_M
27/ In 2015, Wisconsin also decided to allow ES&S to install wireless modems in its DS200 ballot scanners. See p. 69 h/t @SwissTriple_M
28/ According to Computer Science and election security expert Andrew Appel (Princeton University), these new cellular modems can enable a “man-in-the-middle” hacker to alter votes using a small “fake cell tower” device such as a Stingray.
29/ Moreover, Wisconsin election official administrator Michael Haas has acknowledged that some of its voting equipment in 2016 was indeed connected to the internet.
30/ Letter from 30 election-security experts debunking the myth (spread by ES&S) that wireless cellular modems don’t connect to the internet.
33/ And Klobuchar never promoted or messaged the bill or its contents, despite her name being on it.
34/ In the 1980’s a pollster who went to the Philippines w/ CBS News, said a “representative of Manafort’s firm had asked him, ‘What sort of margin might make a Marcos victory legitimate?’“
37/ At least one of ES&S’s customers in PA had remote access software installed in its central tabulator too.
As discussed above, ES&S installed cellular wireless modems in Florida and Wisconsin’s ballot scanners starting in 2015. 38/
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