...as often happens with print media, the article gives a somewhat false impression of what the tax resistance initiative is all about (at least from my perspective). It "others" the campers to some degree, despite the fact... /2
...that I went through great lengths to state that we see our community as one overarching interest group including the campers. The health and safety issues of the camp are also the health and safety issues of the housed. ... /3
... I'd like to reassure our neighbours in Camp K-T that this political action is a sincere effort to bring the @CityofVancouver & our elected officials to the table to discuss--in constructive mindset and good faith--the fulfillment of as many of the camp's stated demands... /4
...as possible. Particularly the provision of much more permanent social housing in #Vancouver, and funding and infrastructure support for a culturally safe, healthy and accessible campsite at a location like the camp's previous site adjacent to CRAB Park. ... /5
... Not to mention proper health care and safe supply for all.

All presented in the spirit of unity, safety and compassion. 🙏❤️

#vanpoli #BCpoli #cdnpoli
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