Was the stretcher changed?: Reports say that the stretcher was small, and that's why a new ambulance was called. Let's first analyse the voices heard in the room.
(I've edited the video to its peak volume)
Cops are heard talking in Marathi.
Translated by Google Translate)

0:00 Police: खली घेऊं जा खाली थंबववायची नाही मग गाडी आली नाही या या गाडी(Take it down and then don't stop down the vehicle)

0:07 हायट जास्ता(He's tall)

0:13 Voice1: स्ट्रेचर आपल्या गाडीटला(Stretcher from our vehicle)

0:15 Videoman: तो बोट हलवत आहे(He's moving his finger)

0:16 Police:स्ट्रेचर नाय चबगले का तुझा कडे? स्ट्रेचर चोटे?(Is your stretcher not good?Is it small?)
मग माझा गाधीथा घे ना इथा(Then take it from my vehicle)

0:21 Voice2(on the phone call): Badi gaadi leke aa na, Siren bjaate hue, ye Carter road ki taraf.

0:26 Police: स्ट्रेचर ने जौडेट ना काशाला उगच आहेत(Let it go stretcher, why unnecessarily?)

0:31 VideoShooter: आमचे कडे स्ट्रेचर आहे(We have stretcher) [0:38 Phone Rings]

0:45 Voice3: Ye kahi leak nahi ho! Humara investigation ka part

1:10 [Unclear voice from Sister]

1:20 Voice4: This was his room?
Sushant's sister: haa?

1:23 Voice4: ye inhi ka kamra tha?

So, according to them the stretcher was small and that's why a second Ambulance was called. But if we observe, stretchers from both the Ambulance are same!

1-3: The Side&Top view of Sushant's body being taken to stretcher
4: The stretcher at Cooper hospital(From the 2nd Ambulance)

Both the stretchers have exactly same maroon coloured foam with a black cloth on top And also the retro reflective tape(yellow) is found on both.

According to the NHM(National Health Mission), medical specifications of a stretcher for recumbent (laid off) patient is 190-210 cm.
Sushant was 183 cm tall, and a stretcher would be 190 cm in minimum. So, was the stretcher really small or something's being hidden?

Taking his body from Building to Cooper the stretcher hasn't changed at all but the Ambulance has been changed.
First Sanjyoti Ambulance leaves the flat, and we can hear people say 'Khali Aahe'(It's empty)
And later the Green Ambulance takes his body to Cooper.

Some more information: The Phone number on ambulance throws up the name 'Akshay Bandgar' on Truecaller Data.
The driver of Second Ambulance who's present everywhere even in Sushant's room!

The Ambulance brought was not from any hospital, but from a local 'Jarimari ambulance service' in Mumbai by Akshay and Vishal Bandgar. (Thanks to 'TheMoonis dark' YT channel for clarifying my previous tweets)
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