For the next 99 days leading up to the election, @LawsonForIN and I will be discussing our vision for the future of Indiana and what we will do as Governor & Lt. Governor to achieve it. Follow along with us to put #PeopleOverPolitics
Day 1: Criminal Justice Reform. Recent police-involved killings and public outcry have made it clear that our systems of policing and criminal justice need to be transformed. You can read our entire R.E.F.O.R.M. plan on how we will address this issue here:
Day 2: Repairing our Criminal Justice System. We need to expand intervention efforts to keep people out of traditional courts and prisons. This includes decriminalizing mental illness and addiction, growing homelessness intervention, and ending the school-to-prison pipeline.
Day 3: Ending Police Brutality. Indiana must expand implicit bias, dispute resolution and de-escalation training for officers, ban chokeholds and other excessive force practices, and improve police whistle blower protections and legal duty to protect citizens from excessive force
Day 4: Funding our Communities. We need to reprioritize taxpayer dollars to use holistic, intersectional approaches in public safety. This includes expanding investments in low-income neighborhoods and investing in community-based training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.
Day 5: Oversight of Law Enforcement. We need to establish a statewide database for officer disciplinary records, form an independent statewide nonpolitical criminal justice commission and oversight committee, and require independent investigations for police misconduct.
Day 6: Rebuild our Communities. Indiana needs to invest in sustainable community development, end barriers to employment, expand affordable housing, transportation, and food access, and invest more in public schools disproportionately serving minority and low-income students
Day 7: Marijuana Decriminalization. We need to reduce harsh punishments and life-altering collateral consequences, by eliminating minor possession charges for past and future offenses and legalizing medicinal marijuana.
Day 8: Hoosier Business Support. With the economy reopening, businesses are forced to choose between their economic security or their health. With our plan for Business Support Amid COVID-19, this administration seeks to help.
Day 9: Oversight of business support. A Myers/Lawson administration will develop a Financial Assistance Tracking System to monitor where government aid goes in Indiana to ensure all Hoosier businesses have equal access to necessary funding.
Day 10: Navigating Economy Reopening. A Myers/Lawson administration will form a Small Business Recovery Task Force to get Hoosier businesses back up and running and delegate small business navigators to help owners sort through loan programs and apply for financial assistance
Day 11: Rent and Mortgage Support. We will work with the mortgage industry to remove defaults from credit reports to ensure small businesses can secure loans. We'll also supplement existing programs providing relief from tax payments and rent obligations.
Day 12: Protecting Workers. Indiana needs to double our unemployment claim processing capacity to handle increased volume to get money into the hands of Hoosiers who need it most faster.
Day 13: State Economic Support. Once elected, we will establish a state stimulus program to infuse more money into our small businesses for payroll, operational expenses, and working capital to help support our biggest job creators.
Day 14: Public Education. A Myers/Lawson administration will restore public confidence in our education system by providing the investments necessary to eliminate disparities and allow our students and teachers to succeed.
Day 15: Accountability and Transparency in Education. Those are 2 qualities a Myers/Lawson administration will bring back to our state government, starting with education. @LawsonForIN and I will streamline governance boards to include more diverse voices in board representation
Day 16: Education Resources – The Myers/Lawson administration will prioritize funding and training of staff to make sure our children have the resources and services they need to learn. 🚸📚📝
Day 17: Accountability. A Myers/Lawson administration will put people over politics by stopping arbitrary testing, adding in accountability, and pressing pause on new charter schools.
Day 18: School Dollars. We will make Indiana the number one state for K-12 education by prioritizing funding for teachers and ensuring those funds reach our most vulnerable students.
Day 19: Equity in Education. Working people want their children to get the best education possible. We will reevaluate how school funding is distributed to help reduce achievement gaps for marginalized students and improve student outcomes across Indiana.
Day 20: Facts. The Holcomb Administration and Statehouse Republicans are ignoring the reality of our public education system and are actively working against improving it. Myers/Lawson will put #PeopleOverPolitics—including our educators and students—once we are elected.
Day 21: Long-Term Care. The industry is in dire need of an overhaul. The state’s regulations weren’t written to ensure communication and quality care for residents and their families. We will prioritize residents, families, and staff before politics. 
Day 22: Residents in long-term care. Indiana needs to expand telemedicine and virtual medicine capabilities to maintain a continuum of care for elderly patients as well as provide nursing homes support for virtual visitations between residents and their families.
Day 23: Oversight in facilities. A Myers/Lawson administration will create a task-force for COVID-19 long-term care preparedness to determine best practices as well as update Department of Health’s antiquated reporting system and create mandated uniform reporting requirements.
Day 24: COVID-19 Testing. Indiana needs to increase testing for patients and staff across the senior care system by refocusing the Optum testing and contact tracing capabilities to our nursing homes where the problems grow worse by the hour. We will make this a top priority.
Day 25: Supporting Caregiver Staff. We will implement accountability measures to ensure staffing doesn’t fall below appropriate levels & ensure all nursing home healthcare workers and aides have access to medical-grade personal protective equipment to safely care for patients.
Day 26: Advocacy. Indiana needs to increase funding for Indiana’s CHOICE program, which will allow more seniors to age-in-place as well as enhance whistleblower protections to ensure whistleblower confidentiality.
Day 27: Access to birth control. We will support legislation to extend the protections of the ACA into state law, including protecting no-cost preventive services and birth control, as well as prohibitions on exclusions or cost differentials based on pre-existing conditions.
Day 28: Broadband access. In our current era, with much of school and work having been moved online, Hoosiers need access to reliable and fast internet.

Indiana needs to start treating broadband like the utility it is. A Myers/Lawson administration will do just that.
Day 29: Eviction Protection: A Myers/Lawson administration will boost the state’s rent assistance program during COVID-19 when #Hoosiers are experiencing overwhelming need and are without pandemic unemployment assistance. We cannot let these families be forced out of their homes.
Day 30: As we have been reminded again this week by the tragic shooting of #JakeBlake, we need to increase oversight of our criminal justice system. A Myers/Lawson admin will establish no-tolerance accountability policies and procedures for police officers
Day 31: #MedicinalMarijuana. Emerging research on products containing CBD and THC has shown great benefits for various health conditions. Hoosier health, agriculture, and our economy will improve once we legalize medicinal and decriminalize marijuana use.
Day 32: #Healthcare. We know that every Hoosier deserves to have compassionate, effective medical care, delivered quickly.

Read what @LawsonForIN and I plan to do to provide that healthcare to ALL Hoosiers here 👇🩺🥼
Day 33: Access & Affordability of #Healthcare. @LawsonForIN and I will increase the availability of telehealth, end surprise billing for emergency services, and address the high cost of prescription drugs here in Indiana to help out Hoosiers who are seeking medical care.
Day 34: Health Plans & Coverage. We will make it easier for Hoosiers to enroll in Medicaid and ACA, expand long-term care coverage to prioritize home and community-based care, and institute state reinsurance program to assist in lowering premiums for high-risk populations.
Day 35: Healthcare System. Indiana needs to address pricing inefficiencies, improve coordination of care, and support hospital financial stability.

That's exactly what @LawsonForIN and I are working to achieve in the Statehouse.
Day 36: Comprehensive and Quality Care. A Myers/Lawson administration will specifically identify and address health disparities by race, gender, and income, end infant and maternal mortality, and expand reproductive care services. Because Hoosiers deserve better.
Day 37: Public Health Infrastructure. We need to increase funding for prevention and health education, increase immunization programs, and institute a robust trauma system here in Indiana. Doing so will help Hoosiers live healthier and longer lives.
Day 38: The Pence/Holcomb administrations have raised Hoosiers’ utility bills and destroyed their access to #SolarEnergy #EnergyEfficiency and #CleanEnergy. Myers/Lawson Administration will reposition lower utility bills for all consumers and increase access to cheaper energy.
Day 39: Quality of our Air and Water. #Indiana's air and water qualities are some of the worst in the nation. @LawsonForIN and I will prioritize both the health of #Hoosiers and the health of our Earth once we are elected. #PeopleOverPolitics
Day 40: Ending Right-to-Work. Once we are elected, @LawsonForIN and I will advocate hard to repeal all current Republican-led right-to-work laws which weaken unions' positions to secure proper wages, benefits, and safe working conditions across the state. #PeopleOverPolitics
Day 41: Strengthening bargaining rights. #Unions ensure all facets of employment wages, benefits, and working conditions are negotiated from a position of strength. Once elected, I will continue to fight hard to ensure that strong unions exist in Indiana to protect our workers.
Day 42: Protecting OSHA. Once elected Governor, I will oppose any proposed legislation/administrative actions that would repeal or weaken state OSHA funding or programs.

Hoosier workers deserve to earn a living in safe and secure conditions - always. #UnionStrong
Day 43: Raising the minimum wage. A fair minimum wage is fundamental to a fair social/economic system that guarantees workers receive their compensation for their work. Once elected, I will support legislation that increases the state's minimum wage to properly support our labor.
Day 44: Expanding health insurance coverage: According to the 2019 Census, approx. 8% of Hoosiers do not have health insurance for themselves and/or their families. And those who do are seeing reduced health coverage and higher costs. My administration will fix this once elected.
Day 45: Charter School Funding. Private, public, & charter schools should all be held to the same standards. A Myers/Lawson administration will re-evaluate the allocation of funding back into our public schools to ensure that all Hoosiers have equal access to good schooling.
Day 46: Opposing deregulation. In recent years, our government has deregulated industries and utilities to the detriment of service, cost, and accountability. In order to keep our industries and our citizens safe, I will oppose measures that seek further deregulation in #Indiana.
Day 47: Ending the wage gap. In the US, white women are paid just 79¢ for every $ a white man makes. For Black women, it's 62¢. For Latinas; 54¢. These gaps are the real consequences of sexism and racism. Once Governor, I will support measures that will end pay discrimination.
Day 48: Enhancing maternity and paternity leave policies. To allow #families more time to bond with their new children and eliminate financial stresses, @LawsonForIN and I will fight hard to support legislation that will enhance maternity and paternity leave across Indiana.
Day 49: Reproductive Rights. As Governor, I will fully support a woman’s right to make choices about their reproductive lives. All Hoosiers deserve access the economic, social, & political resources they need to make decisions about their own bodies and health.
Day 50: Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition. DSPs help clients with daily activities, transportation, cooking, cleaning & create a feeling of home for those they serve. Their work makes a huge difference. Our administration will support DSPs once elected.
Day 51: Ensuring safe learning environments. To help reduce bias, bullying, & intimidation in our schools, we will support legislation that will implement training on culturally-responsive practices for teachers to be better prepared for culturally diverse classrooms.
Day 52: Enhancing CHIP. To ensure that all kids are covered by Indiana's Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP), @LawsonForIN and I will support action that will make it easier to apply for & keep coverage, as well as create campaigns to better educate Hoosiers on the program.
Day 53: Child Welfare. Setting our kids up for success is pivotal to the state’s future. And yet, Indiana continues to lag behind. That's why we have released our #ChildWelfare plan, with initiatives aimed at bettering child and family outcomes for Hoosiers kids and families.
Day 54: Ending the school-to-prison pipeline. From a young age, many children are set up for failure in their classrooms. @LawsonForIN and I will support new approaches to school disciplinary practices and youth justice which are fair and prioritize improving student outcomes.
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