This thread looks at Dmitry Yevgenyevich Rybolovlev, a Russian billionaire and associate of Donald Trump. As of April 2019, Rybolovlev is ranked 224th on Forbes's list of billionaires with a net worth of $6.8 billion. #OpDeathEaters
Dmitri Rybolovlev made most of his fortune from the sale of two potash fertilizer companies for a combined US$8-billion in 2010 and 2011. He held both companies — OAO Uralkali and OAO Silvinit — through Cyprus-based Madura Holding Ltd.
In March 1992, Rybolovlev founded the Inkombrok investment brokerage company and the Kamennyy Belt check investment fund. That same year he became president of the financial house investment company.
In 1994 he was Acting Chairman of the Board of Bank “Credit FD”, and later was appointed Chairman. In 1994 he joined the board of directors of Russia's largest potash producer Uralkali and in 1996 he became the Chairman of the board there.
Lomakin was arrested for Panteleymonov’s shooting, and, “in exchange for leniency”, he accused Rybolovlev of ordering the murder.
"No other evidence linked Rybolovlev to the shooting, and Prokop admitted that he had perjured himself. After nearly a year of incarceration, Rybolovlev was allowed to post bail of one billion rubles (about $200,000). In 1997, he was acquitted of murder charges. "
In 2008, Dmitry partied off Croatia on his yacht “My Anna,” named after his daughter, with “young girls whose passports said they were born in 1988 and 1989 but they looked much younger in photographs ... taken on this occasion,” according to court papers.
According to court proceedings Dmitry Rybolovlev admitted to sleeping with his butler, his assistant, and students which he happily shared with other oligarchs.

“he appreciated only teenage girls, younger than his own daughter”. #opDeathEaters,+underage+girls&source=bl&ots=E08oKb1edm&sig=ACfU3U0RCcAkIOGcFpR8uOAjl46FZKZ3PA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiks4L3wunqAhUmGDQIHTozDOcQ6AEwHXoECCcQAQ#v=onepage&q=rybolovlev%2C%20underage%20girls&f=false
Rybolovlev assured his ex-wife that "all the young women were virgins" and had been tested before boarding the yacht. #opDeathEaters
“You and I will never know what happened on that boat.”
Guests on My Anna included fellow oligarch Roman Abramovich.
According to the author of The Bouvier Affair, her biggest shock was learning about the underground world of “sex parties”.

The “commodification of women’s bodies on such a large scale was very eye-opening.” #opDeathEaters
Elena Rybolovlev accused Rybolovlev of using a “multitude of third- parties” to create a network of offshore holding companies and trusts to place assets — about US$500-million in art, US$36-million in jewelry and an US$80-million yacht — beyond her reach.
In her divorce filing, Elena Rybolovlev outlined some of holdings, including an artwork and furniture collection valued between $480 million and $800 million; offshore holdings in Cyprus, the British Virgin Islands, Panama and the Jersey Islands.
Dmitry Rybolev’s ex-wife Elena Rybolovlev was detained for 24 hours by Cypriot police after she flew into Cyprus from Switzerland, detained under a lawsuit filed by Domus Trust lawyers in connection with “the theft of the trust’s property.” 
In 2011 Rybolovlev paid more than $300 million for the La Belle Epoque penthouse in Monaco, where he lives. In that same year, the billionaire picked up a seven-acre Hawaiian villa in Kauai from movie star Will Smith for $20 million. #OpDeathEaters
Aristotle Onassis’s legendary island of Skorpios, sold for a reported $100 million by the late Greek tycoon’s daughter Athina Roussel to Dmitry Rybolovlev who also bought the small island of Tsokari from her. #OpDeathEaters
Dmitry Rybolovlev plans to turn Skorpios island into the first luxury accommodation complex in Greece to entertain the world’s richest elite. #OpDeathEaters
In 2016, the KPMG audit company ranked the richest football clubs in the world, which included three football clubs owned by Russian businessmen. Among them - FC Monaco Dmitry Rybolovlev (26th place; $ 206 million).
Rybolovlev instructed Vadim Vasilyev, deputy at AS Monaco to create a list of important people the club should send a “gift basket” to during the holiday season. Vasilyev, ... created a list of 52 names that were divided into the "categories A, B and C."
2017: Monaco-gate - Philippe Narmino, the minister of justice for Monaco, resigned after texts revealed he worked on behalf of Rybolovlev to influence a billion-dollar art fraud case. “a vast influence-peddling scandal at the heart of Monaco institutions”
2018: Rybolovlev was charged and released. "He was neither released on bail nor any travel restriction order has been issued in his respect ...: he is not restricted from leaving Monaco and not limited is his movements."
There has been speculation that the origin of Rybolovlev's attack against Bouvier, is an ambition to create free ports like those owned by Bouvier in Geneva, Singapore and Luxemburg
Bouvier has confirmed that his free port projects have been negatively impacted by the conflict with Rybolovlev.
“Rybolovlev boasted of fully controlling the system in Cyprus... He had secret meetings with the President of the Republic, in a clinic in Germany or on his yacht.”
In 2014 Wilbur Ross supported the appointment of a leading banker with close ties to Russia to head the Bank of Cyprus, Josef Ackermann, former managing director of Deutsche Bank (one of the largest creditors of the Trump Organization).
“US proceedings raise the possibility of further confidential interviews between Rybolovlev and Trump or his relatives... their respective planes were neighboring for several hours ... in Charlotte.... brief stops in Las Vegas, Burbank and Miami.”
Rybolovlev's jet made frequent trips to Moscow during the same period.
According to FBI, Bannon knew Kushner was on vacation “with Wendy Deng Murdoch, a Russian billionaire, and the Russian's girlfriend [Daria Strokous?]”. Steve Bannon “said his friends in the intelligence community said the girlfriend was "questionable."
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