THREAD: We are #100Days out from the most important election of our lifetime.

You know how crucial it is to prevent another 4 years of Donald Trump. But if you need some extra motivation, here's a look back at the colossal disaster of his first term (thus far).
1. 1/25/17 - Signs executive order bolstering deportation force & border wall construction
2. 1/26/18 - Appoints white supremacist Seb Gorka as Deputy Assistant to the President
3. 1/27/17 - Demands loyalty from FBI Director James Comey (We’ll get back to “loyalty”)
4. 1/27/17 - Signs his *first* “travel ban” targeting Muslim countries
5. 1/30/17 - Fires acting AG Sally Yates for refusing to defend the travel ban
6. 2/4/17 - Questions the legitimacy of the judge that blocked the travel ban
7. 2/8/17 - Begins referring to Elizabeth Warren by the racist nickname “Pocahontas”
8. 2/12/17 - Discusses confidential int'l strategy in full view of Mar-a-Lago diners
9. 2/16/17 - Asks a Black White House correspondent if the Congressional Black Caucus “are friends of yours?”
10. 2/17/17 - Refers to press as “The enemy of the American People”
11. 2/22/17 - Blocks protections for transgender students facing discrimination
12. 2/27/17 - Gives a massive boost to military spending and cuts spending on education, science and poverty programs
13. 3/3/17 - Eliminates ethics course for White House staff
14. 3/6/17 - Issues his *second* travel ban targeting Muslim countries
15. 3/13/17 - Expands CIA powers to allow drone strikes
16. 3/23/17 - Responds to criticism of his relationship with the IC by saying “I’m president and you’re not.”
17. 4/3/17 - Meets with Egyptian authoritarian President Sisi and says “we are very much behind [him]” shortly after Sisi sentenced 17 protesters to jail.
18. 4/3/17 - Stops funding for UN agency that supported women’s health across the globe
19. 4/7/17 - Launches illegal airstrikes into Syria without congressional approval
20. 4/11/17 - White House press sec claims Hitler “didn’t use chemical weapons”
21. 4/17/17 - Congratulates Turkish President Erdogan on his victory. The State Dept. questioned its legitimacy
22. 4/24/17 - ADL reports antisemitic attacks have gone up 86% since Trump’s election
23. 5/1/17 - Ends “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which helped educate young women
24. 5/2/17 - Refers to US system of checks and balances as “archaic”
25. 5/12/17 - Discloses classified intel with Russian FM and Amb. US official: He “revealed more info… than we’ve shared with our own allies.”
26. 5/29/17 - Pompeo reveals that to hold Trump’s attention, daily briefings must include“killer graphics”
27. 6/30/17 - White House officials reveal Trump said Haitians “all have AIDS”
28. 7/8/17 - Leaves G20 summit early. Daughter Ivanka takes his official seat
29. 7/24/17 - Attacks House Intel Committee’s member Adam Schiff as “Shifty”
30. 8/1/17 - Selects white nationalist William Johnson as delegate for next election
31. 8/9/17 - Reported that White House staff have to provide a folder of positive news and tweets to Trump twice/day.
32. 8/12/17 - White nationalists & neo-Nazis march in Charlottesville, chanting “Jews will not replace us”
33. 8/15/17 - Calls neo-Nazis in Charlottesville “very fine people”
34. 8/20/17 - Ends grants for “Life After Hate,” which helps people escape white supremacist gangs.
35. 8/25/17 - Officially bans trans individuals from the military.
36. 9/5/17 - Orders an end to DACA
37. 9/19/17 - Threatens to “totally destroy North Korea” at the UNGA
38. 10/1/17 - Calls Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria “politically motivated ingrates”
39. 10/4/17 - Border wall receives $15B in funding
40. 10/8/17 - Holds ransom an extension to DREAMERS, demanding MORE border wall funding
41. 10/11/17 - Asks military leaders to increase nuclear firepower tenfold
42. 10/13/17 - Announces plan to decertify the Iran Nuclear Deal
43. 11/9/17 - US Foreign Service loses a record number of diplomats in Trump’s first year
44. 11/20/17 - Ends temporary protected status for 59,000 Haitians
45. 11/29/17 - Tweets 3 anti-Muslim videos from ultranationalist leader of Britain First
46. 12/6/17 - Announces plans to move Israel’s embassy to Jerusalem before a negotiated solution, ignoring decades of bipartisan policy
47. 1/11/18 - Refers to Haiti, El Salvador and African nations as “shithole countries”
48. 1/29/18 - ADL reports white supremacist propaganda tripled during Trump’s first year
49. 1/31/18 - Trump’s first SOTU earns praise… from David Duke and Richard Spencer
50. 2/21/18 - SPLC reports a 4% increase in number of hate groups during Trump’s first year in office
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51. 2/18 - Appoints John Bolton -- outspoken supporter of war with Iran -- as National Security Advisor
52. 4/23/18 - Refers to Chuck Todd as “sleepy eyes,” which critics note is a term Nazis used to describe Jews
53. 5/8/18 - Withdraws from the Iran Nuclear Deal
54. 5/16/18: Calls undocumented immigrants "animals" in a rant to press
55. 6/15/18 - Administration acknowledges child separation policy at the US-Mexico border
56. 7/21/18 - Sends all-caps threat to Iranian President Rouhani over Twitter
57. 8/24/18 - Announces $200M cut in Palestinian aid
58. 9/10/18 - Orders closure of PLO office in DC, effectively shuttering Palestinian diplomatic mission to the US
59. 9/25/18 - UN laughs at Trump for saying he’s accomplished more than any admin in US history
60. 10/9/18 - Pushes conspiracy theory that liberal protesters are paid by wealthy Democrats
61. 10/16/18 - Shows public support for Mohammad bin Salman after murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
62. 10/22/18 - Claims caravan to the southern border consists of “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners...mixed in”
63. 11/5/18 - Creates an anti-caravan TV ad so racist even Fox News won’t show it
64. 11/6/18 - Class action lawsuit challenges Trump’s child detention policies
65. 12/6/18 - Uses antisemitic dual loyalty trope by saying US Jews "don't love Israel enough”
66. 12/22/18 - Shuts down government for 34 days over border wall funding
67. 1/9/19 - Throws “a temper tantrum” and storms out of meeting with Dem leadership over border wall funding
68. 1/19/19 - Watchdog reveals Trump admin has separated thousands more children from their families than first reported
69. 2/1/19 - Ends crucial aid funding for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza
70. 2/15/19 - Declares a national emergency over border wall funding
71. 4/5/19 - Says “Our country is full… Turn around.” in speech at southern border
72. 5/9/19 - Laughs at a rally attendee suggesting people should shoot migrants
73. 5/13/19 - Invites authoritarian Hungarian PM Viktor Orban to the White House
74. 5/24/19 - Announces $8B of arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and UAE despite congressional objections
75. 6/22/19 - Releases Peace to Prosperity “plan,” giving PM Netanyahu the green light for annexation
76. 6/25/19 - Threatens Iran with “obliteration” in a tweet
77. 6/14/19 - In unhinged Twitter thread, says 4 congresswomen of color should “go back… from which they came.” Three of them were born in the US; one is a refugee
78. 7/15/19 - Announces new rule denying migrants’ rights to seek asylum in the US
79. 7/27/19 - Calls late Rep. Elijah Cummings’ district “rodent-infested”
80. 8/20/19 - Accuses Jewish Americans who don’t support him of "either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty"
81. 9/1/19 - Alters a map with Sharpie to cover up previous lie about Hurricane Dorian
82. 9/7/19 - Invites Taliban leaders to Camp David
83. 9/25/19 - Slashes US refugee cap for the third straight year
84. 10/22/19: Calls impeachment inquiry a “lynching”
85. 12/8/19 - Tells group of Jewish donors “You’re brutal killers, not nice people at all”
86. 12/11/19 - Signs “anti-antisemitism” executive order while flanked by pastor who literally damned Jews to hell
87. 12/11/19 - Critics charge executive order was designed less to curb antisemitism than to quash free speech among critics of Israeli policy
88. 12/16/19 - Surpasses 15,000 lies told while in office
89. 12/18/19 - Becomes 3rd president in American history to be impeached
90. 12/19/19 - In the wake of Rep. John Dingell’s passing, Trump claimed the late congressman was “looking up” at them
91. 1/2/20 - Without notifying Congress, orders airstrike which kills Iranian General Qassim Suleimani, bringing the US to the brink of war
92. 1/4/20 - In yet another unhinged Twitter thread, threatens to bomb Iranian cultural sites, a direct violation of 1954 Hague Convention
93. 3/27/20 - Says he will not provide government aid to states where governors don’t treat him well.
94. 4/23/20 - Suggests people ingest disinfectants like bleach to battle COVID
95. 5/3/20 - On day COVID death toll reaches 100,000, claims he was treated worse than Lincoln
96. 5/22/20: Refers to Henry Ford’s “good bloodlines” comments while touring a Ford factory
97. 5/29/20 - Says he’d end the US’s relationship with the WHO… during a pandemic
98. 6/1/20 - Orders police to gas protesters and clergy for a photo op at a church
99. 6/28/20 - Retweets video of supporters chanting “white power; calls the supporters “great people”
100. 7/17/20 - Sends military groups to cities in order to quell protesters
In #100Days, the future of our democracy will be on the ballot. Join us to make sure Donald Trump is a one-term president.
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