This is a stunning investigation that makes it clear that the Liberals are to blame for much of Canada's COVID death. A small thread:
(Watch out for the weird error that says that Trudeau took power in 2016...)

Canada's globally-recognized pandemic early warning system went dark in May 2018 because it was reorganized. The group of doctors and epidemiologists cost about 2.5 million to operate.
The government wanted them to focus on Canadian illnesses, which wasn't what they were set up to do. There was a clash between the scientists and the bureaucrats. Even in the early days of the pandemic, their warnings were being removed from briefing documents.
Recall that it was ONLY ON MARCH 16 that the government warned that the pandemic risk was high. (My kids were already out of school by then!)

Here's what I am most struck by ...
Liberals love reorganizing stuff. Their violence is so often imposed by bringing in "efficiencies" through shuffling favoured bureaucrats to transform departments into things that they are not. You can see this everywhere: governments, universities, hospitals ...
We need to understand this being intimately part of how Liberals operate. Conservatives put the screws to people through funding cuts; Liberals put the screws to people through structural adjustment. It's harder to see, until it's too late, and leaves a wake of workplace stress..
I really hope this piece is unpaywalled.
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