A few years back I was with a Saudi Businessman who had come on an official visit the other day.

While we were waiting for a meeting to start, he turned and asked me

"Rajan, what is the nature of your work?". 1/n
When I replied that I was a Consultant and an Analyst and my work called on me to write analytical reports that supports decision making, he quipped

"You know you are blessed. Through your words and thought, you can influence the thinking of the decision makers". 2/n
I had never looked at my job from that angle.

I suddenly remembered the Landmark article by Theodore Levitt in Harvard Business Review 1960, titled "Marketing Myopia" in which he calls for organizations to define the business they are in 3/n
Extending that philosophy, all of us need to clearly define our role at the workplace.

My job is not consulting but I am into the business of influencing people to make the right decisions. It suddenly widens the scope. 5/n
I have another roles on the side - that of a Management Faculty and Mentor

Somehow, I have always been clear of my role here. It Is not merely transferring knowledge, but rather be a friend, philosopher and guide to my students/ wards - A Guru 6/n
Why don't you try and define your role and see what you can come up with? I am sure, it will be quite interesting 7/n
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