1. While I affirm the hypocrisy of evangelicalism & agree that there is a truncated conception of “family” within evangelicalism due to its hyper-individualism, I also don’t want to take cues on “family” from BLM or Evangelicalism. Neither adequately deals w/ the “black family”. https://twitter.com/tisaiahcho/status/1287195274939699202
2. Evangelicalism claims to be “pro-nuclear family” but is hyper-critical of those crying out about the injustices of the criminal justice system that has broken up & devastated black families by putting a large percentage of black fathers in prison for non-violent offenses.
3. The Org BLM clearly desires to redefine family not just as it relates to community care but as it relates to fundamental aspects of family such as marriage itself & the foundation of marriage which is “a husband & wife”. So I hear you, but I stand apart from both groups. ❤️
4. A healthy conception of family, in my view, is one that advocates for “nuclear” families to remain in tact & certainly not broken by injustices while also championing the more community driven familial dynamic that the vast majority of cultures beyond “white culture” practice.
5. Something to keep in mind, of course white culture has emphasized “nuclear family” and black community has emphasized “communal family/village family”, we have had to. For several hundred years White America has done everything in its power to destroy the black nuclear family.
6. Black families have NEEDED the village b/c White America has always done everything it could (many horrific things) to keep black men from being husbands/fathers & black women from being wives/mothers. Understanding this is crucial. Black folks are not anti-nuclear family. ❤️
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