Yesterday I had some good discussions with my daughter on #RamMandir construction and thought to share here.
I recommend we should all share this with new generation else they will never be aware of significance of Ram Mandir construction 1/8
Question was asked to me why there is so such noise on Ram Mandir construction and why we are saying people who don't trust Ram Mandir are not Hindu.
I started by saying that we should look Ram Mandir beyond Hindu/ Muslim, this should be seen as pround moment for all Indians 2/8
India has seen many invaders Mughals,Britishers,etc who came and looted us.
I started with if someone is looting someone then nation being looted is more prosper than who is looting, she said yes, so first point proved was we were more prosperous than Mughals or Bitishers 3/8
Discussion continued,I gave example of Britishers,we discussed about their Castles, jewellery and things they took from India, talked about Kohinoor as well.I asked if we are given opportunity to bring back Kohinoor then how would we feel,she said this would be the best thing 4/8
Then we moved to Mughals and I told her how they destroyed our more than 60K temples and built mosques, converted Hindus to Muslims and tried to make India as Islamic nation but we had many Patriots and brave Indians like Maharana Pratap/ Shivaji Maharaj and many others 5/8
Sacrifiesed their lives to protect India and Hiduism.Ram Mandir was also one temple which was destroyed that time. Now when we have got the opportunity to clean that history,build theTemple again then don't we see it's a matter of pride for all of us,surpisiringly she agreed 6/8
So Ram Mandir shouldn't be seen just as Hindu Temple here. It's an opportunity for all us to recreate the history which was destroyed by Mughals and then political leaders who has been deceiving the country on the name of religion.

Ram Mandir shouldn't just be seen as Hindu Temple,it's our golden history we are going to live again.
The way India would have celebrated if we had got Kohinoor back,this is more precious for us as we are getting Kohinoor of Hiduism back in the form of Ram Temple
#JaiShreeRam 🙏
Great day for all Hindus across the world🙏🙏

Please go though this thread and share with our young generation!!

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