Any proud bihari shall retweet this thread and spread it as much as possible nd the least read it fullfo, for the sake of bihar nd our children.

Don't want talk abt the past. Leave the blame game for others...cont
@NitishKumar doesn't have a vision left for bihar nd biharis doesn't have a leader other than him to choose. God forbids if bihari chose tej/ Tejashwi. @iChiragPaswan @BajpayeeManoj educated bihari forgets their duty nd live a comfortable life in other states.. Cont
Isn't it their duty to tell their fellow biharis wts good or bad. I have a picture for bihar, a prosperous bihar.
We have stuff which if marketed properly, it can change the image of bihar. Like litchi, why bihar govt never advertise abt litchi in national television?....
A nice packing with a beautiful cover, advertisement of TV can increase litchi rate by 20-30 rs per kg, we would built cold storage for litchi. In offseason it wud fetch good returns. I assure you one district can develop with litchi alone. Now 37 left... Cont
Makhaana..its a highly nutritious eatable which goes away at throw away prices. Good marketing nd packing cn make another district rich. 5 years of hard work cn change the fortune.
A small suggestion for farming. Bihari hate to sell their farming land...cont
Usually bihari farmers have small pieces of land where they can't buy agricultural modern equipments but state can persuade or force to go for collective farming,like 100 farmers with 2 bigha each cn make 200 bighas of land. They may be earning 30000 from 2 bighas but.. Cont
But when they wud give their 2 bigha in 200 bigha then they would atleast earn 70000, it's more than double, that too if they keep doing paddy cultivation but if they shift to others it can fetch 1 lakh per annum. Bihar need to plant tree on each&eveey kiyari of land...cont
Kiyari is the partition between 2 land pieces, due to the small partition of land in bihar I blv 10s of 1000s of acres of land go waste in the form of "kiyaris", it cn be use for planting trees which cn fetch handsome returns in 10 years for farmers. If u like wt I said, retweet
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