I don't care if you like Newkidd or not, I don't care if you even know them or not but I am begging you to please read this thread and rt. I really want this to be talked about because I'm genuinly worried about them.

What's going on with Newkidd?
newkidd is a 7-member group who officially debuted under j-flo ent in april 2019. before that, the group was a predebut project that would add new members every now and then to make the final lineup. this project stage started in nov. 2017 and lasted around 1.5 years
after adding their final member, seungchan (the maknae) they debuted with the title track "tu eres". they came back with their second single album in nov 2019 and have been on a break since then. They've been uploading dance and vocal covers on instagram and youtube.
So,,, what's the problem? well, only FOUR out of seven members are giving us updates, covers and posts. these four are: jinkwon, woochul, hwi and yunmin. the other three members, hansol, seungchan and jiann are just,,, gone. they just dissapeared
hansol uploaded his last photo ten weeks ago, seungchan and jiann uploaded their last photo twelve weeks ago (for their 1 year anniversary, everyone uploaded one photo) as you can see the anniversary photo's have the exact same caption, all of them, so anyone could've posted them
so: three members are missing. one of them is the maknae who is SIXTEEN (seungchan) another has been training for years on end only to be treated like this (hansol) and another is their main vocalist (jiann),, they don't deserve this
hansol has posted in his personal social media with something along the lines of "everything is overwhelming/suffocating". he deleted it and apologized for worrying anyone.
the four members who are updating us and uploading stuff seem to be getting overworked by the company. woochul is losing weight and looks really tired all the time (he's only an 02 liner, he was 15 when he became part of the project)
j-flo entertainment has uploaded a vague statement saying that a member, or several members (we have no idea) are HOSPITALIZED. we don't know who, we don't know what happened to them, we don't know anything.
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