It’s just 100 days until the election. Here are a few questions, #nhpolitics folks.
Have you made called to undecided voter? Have you tried
@OrganizeNH’s innovative new digital door knocking program? We‘re working really hard to get out every last vote and elect good people to office down and up the ballot.
We can’t run our campaigns on fumes. Have you contributed to our candidates this year? We‘ll be in big trouble if we don’t re-elect @JeanneShaheen and @ChrisPappasNH. #nhpolitics
But money goes further when you invest in down ballot races. In 2018 for the first time in the @TheNHSenate, the @NHSenateDems won a majority. We need to defend and expand that majority. Help us do that with a contribution.
We won a majority in 2018 because @JonMorganNH won a tough seat in Rockingham County. We have benefited enormously from his energy and expertise but the GOP is trying hard to win the seat back. Support Jon today so he gets re-elected in 100 days.
We have learned so much from Dr @TomShermanNH, the only medical doctor in the Senate. We need to be sure we have him back in the Senate next year. Contribute today so he is re-elected in 100 days. #nhpolitics
. @jalfordteaster almost won in 2018 and this year she can crack SD8. She campaigns with more energy and passion than anybody I know. Help her out today so she gets elected in 100 days. #nhpolitics.
And of course support your town and county committees. Every cycle the @NHDems are making this state a little bluer and it is because of the tireless work of volunteer activists across NH. That’s why we‘ll elect @JoeBiden. @DoverNHDems @SCDCNHDems @SomersworthDems #nhpolitics.
So, to wrap things up:

100 Days.

Check your registration and request your ballot. 

Volunteer with @OrganizeNH to get out the vote

Contribute to @NHDems down and up the ballot.

100 Days.


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