A PhD dissertation should be devoted to the neo-Communist current in the former Yugoslavia, that appropriated the Partisan legacy yet refused to support armed resistance to the fascist aggression in the 1990s, instead supporting 'peace'. Partisans supported resistance, not peace.
2) Campaigning for 'peace' in Croatia and BiH in 1991-1992 meant undermining legitimate armed resistance to aggression. Retreat into peace activism, Yugonostalgia and Titonostalgia was, at best, a form of escapism and at worst active collusion in the aggression.
3) Yugonostalgic neo-Communists felt more affinity with the JNA and Socialist Milosevic than with the 'right-wing' nationalists Tudjman and Milosevic. Their 'all sides are guilty' line was a fig-leaf for that bias.
4) Today, they continue to 'all sides' the conflict, while seeking to appropriate the anti-genocide banner from those who, unlike them, actually fought it in the 1990s.
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