I'm a trans person working towards becoming a psychologist & providing clinical services to underserved populations. Please take a moment to read & retweet.
I really believe in the power of transgender people in healthcare provider positions and the ways in which we can serve as advocates and protection for transgender, non-binary, GNC, and intersex patients
Especially at a time in a place where transgender rights are under attack, and where it is currently legal for healthcare workers to refuse care on "moral" grounds, there is an even greater need for trans people in healthcare
I know what it's like to experience discrimination and marginalization in healthcare. To be denied care because I am transgender. To walk out of of a provider's office feeling violated. To feel unseen, unheard, and misunderstood.
I want to be part of the change that needs to happen in healthcare, to address the needs of underserved populations who have historically been marginalized, oppressed, and harmed by the healthcare system and medical community.
I rely on the support of my community to keep going, and to support myself through it. Anything helps, truly. Ways to help are linked in the last tweet & the pics. Thank you. #TransRightsAreHumanRights #TransPeopleAreRealPeople #TransIsBeautiful #MedicareForAll
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