A little bit of Malaysia in Singapore: The names of Malaysian states (and even state capitals) in Singapore's roads.

Some have survived urban redevelopment, others have disappeared into history.

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1. Johor
Capital: Johor Bahru

Road in Singapore: Johore Road, in Kampong Glam.

The road once ran from Rochor Road to Arab Street.

It has been expunged; the area is mostly open fields and carparks now.
2. Melaka
Capital: Melaka City

Road in Singapore: Malacca Street, in Raffles Place.

The road once ran from Market Street to Raffles Place.

It has been realigned; today, it connects Market Street to D'Almeida Street.
3. Negeri Sembilan
Capital: Seremban

Road in Singapore: None
4. Selangor
Capital: Shah Alam

Road in Singapore: Selangor Street, in Tanjong Pagar.

The road once ran from Anson Road.

It has been expunged; the area is Tanjong Pagar Terminal today.
5. Pahang
Capital: Kuantan

Road in Singapore: Pahang Street, in Kampong Glam.

The road still runs from Sultan Gate to Jalan Sultan.

There also used to be a Jalan Kuantan, also in Kampong Glam; now, in its place are Crawford Court and the ELD Training Centre.
6. Perak
Capital: Ipoh

Roads in Singapore: Perak Road and Upper Perak Road, in Jalan Besar.

Upper Perak Road has been expunged for Rowell Court; Perak Road is still around.

There is also an Ipoh Lane in Tanjong Katong.
7. Penang
Capital: George Town

Roads in Singapore: Penang Road and Penang Lane, next to Orchard Road.

The former has been lengthened; the latter, realigned. Today, Penang Road connects Stamford Road to Somerset Road.
8. Kedah
Capital: Alor Setar

9. Perlis
Capital: Kangar

Road in Singapore: None
10. Kelantan
Capital: Kota Bharu

Roads in Singapore: Kelantan Road and Kelantan Lane, in Jalan Besar.

Both roads have been given branches to serve the HDB estate of Kelantan Court.
11. Terengganu
Capital: Kuala Terengganu

Road in Singapore: Trengganu Street in Chinatown.

The road still runs from Pagoda Street to Sago Street, although most of it has been pedestrianised.
12. Sarawak
Capital: Kuching

13. Sabah
Capital: Kota Kinabalu

Road in Singapore: None named after Sarawak or Sabah.

However, off Kampong Bahru Road, there used to be a cluster of roads named Borneo, Kuching, Miri, Sibu. All expunged; today, Keppel Distripark lies on the site.
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