Even in this tale told by two apologists, M&H come off as spoiled brats who demanded that things be done their way. Evidently, H started out claiming that Wm was being a snob because he referred to Meghan as "this girl" as in 'are you sure about this girl'?
#Megxit #Harkles
M&H are both portrayed as "overly sensitive" even by their close friends. I wonder who the "two sources for every story" are, exactly. Are they some of the five friends, the ones who spoke to People Magazine, who refuse to be identified?
I'm surprised it's not more sugary. I'm still not buying the book. From just the excerpts, the way they portrayed Kate was mean & I don't intend to pay money for something I think is patently untrue. Everyone who knows her says Kate is one of the kindest people they've ever met.
As this is supposed to be a flattering portrait, I don't think that it's very flattering to portray two people wanting the focus to be on them instead of 'Queen and country'. After all, they're supposed to be supporting the Queen, right? #Megxit #Harkles #CashNHarry
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